In a world where mythical creatures live, there's a dark demon named Amaranth. She has the one single goal of taking over the realm as her own. The problem is, she's dark and terribly evil. Though, in her mind she sees her way as right. The hunters, children of the angel Libbitina, are out to destroy Amaranth, and her dark clan.


We'll never be the same in this realm of dark choices...

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Chapter 1

I walked through the forest with deep red eyes. My eyes scanned the area around me as I made my way along. A deep sigh of delight exited my lips as I sensed fear all around me. I chuckled darkly, an evil and bloodstained smirk appearing upon my lips. I continued along, feeling my daggers appear in my hands within' moments. It's hilt was like a snake, and then it's blade was pure black. When looking close at the blade it could seem almost as if there were screaming souls flowing on it's surface like water. I twirled them in my hands, laughing quietly. Soon, I saw puny and useless elf standing on my path. "Let me taste your soul," I murmured, smirking. The elf turned around taking a step back. It was a useless step, really. My black wings shot up in the sky, and then wrapped around the elf. I pulled the elf to me. "Your soul will be a devine addition to my collections," I murmured, using the tip of one of the daggers to push the elf's hair from it's face. As the blade touched its skin, a long line of blood appeared. I laughed. With my other blade I peirced it into the elf's stomach with dark and amused laugh. The elf screamed, blood pouring from the gash and making a pool at it's feet. I yanked up with the blade, revealing a gaping h*** in it's skin. It's body went limp in my wings. My wings released it, letting it fall to the ground.

I outstretched my hand, snake slithering on the forest floor. They slithered all over the elf, their eyes glowing like fresh blood. They ate the elf, literally. I laughed darkly, nothing left of the elf. The snakes then turned to me, slithering up my legs and all over me. They began dissolving into my skin. Literally. I moaned with pleasure as my wings went limp. I moaned again and sighed, feeling power enter my veins. My eyes closed and I knelt on the ground in an arch. The snakes continued to cover me, and then dissolving into my skin. Some went into my mouth, and into me. I laughed with pleasure and then the actions ended. My eyes opened, pupils in dark slits.

I finally stood, feeling new power pulsing through my veins. A new dying soul to my death daggers. They disappeared from my hands. My wings folded easily on my back. I turned, and there stood Shawn, one of the boys from the castle. "Are you done?" he asked me. I nodded and made my way over. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him lightly and felt his hands on my waist. I laughed quietly and with the swipe of my hand I sliced a cut into his neck. My tongue traced the line, tasting his blood. "You give me power," I whispered. He laughed quietly. He had the blood like a snake. I stepped back, smirking. I side stepped, transporting us to the castle. I didn't really have a love for anyone. I was very seductive, killing for pleasure.

I turned, making my way down the halls of my castle, and into my own room. Once I walked inside I walked over to mirror and stood there looking at myself. Blood soaked the front of my long and beautiful dress. "Come, my children," I whispered. I heard hisses as snakes came from the windows and into the room. They encircled me, eminating with power. I laughed quietly, bending down and picking out up. I lifted it to my lips, kissing it's head. It wriggled in my hands and then slithered into my mouth. I swallowed, feeling it within' me. I laughed. A dark and evil creature I was.

I stood up, feeling my bottom half begin to change. My legs going together and scales growing on my skin. I sighed quietly pleasure as the snakes began to feed on my legs. A dark and cruel laugh escaped my lips as my legs began to grown longer. My wings wrapped around my body as I closed my eyes. The snakes wrapped around me, biting my skin and drawing blood. My legs continued to change and morph, growng together and getting longer, until the process ended and there was no longer legs, but a long snake trunk. I went to the ground, releasing my wings as the snakes slithered over me and dissolving into my skin, and I opened my mouth some entering my mouth and into my body giving me power. I licked my lips closing my eyes.

X x X

"She's killed another," Fawn whispered as she knelt down to the ground and touched the spot where the elves body had been. She sighed quietly and whispered, "She must be stopped..." She stood up, and the hunters around her nodded, totally agreeing.

"But how, Fawn?" a boy whispered. Fawn sighed and shrugged.

"That I do not know, Gregory..." He nodded, disappointed. "But what I do know is if she isn't stopped soon, her power will grow to be too much...Then it will be and impossibility to be able to stop her." Everyone murmured amongst themselves, knowing it would be a Hell if the demoness continued on. "She'll be stopped one way or another...She'll be stopped."
Chapter 2

Fawn sighed quietly and with frustration. These stupid excuses for hunters would never capture the snake queen if they continued joking round when it was time for training. She growled beneath her breath and made her way over to the small table at which the others were sitting. "C'mon, up now, we can't just keep waiting forever," Fawn told them. They sighed and moaned, though Gregory was the only one who got up willingly and was ready to go in moments. Gregory ended up getting the others to come along on a training session in the forest.

Fawn led the group through the halls of their small house, slipping her sword into her sheath as she did so. She glanced behind her, seeing them following shortly behind. She pulled her long red-orange hair up into a pony tail. Finally they all reached two huge double doors that were devine in appearance. Fawn pushed them open which revealed the forest. The forest, ws the snake queens domian. Gregory was at her side, his bow and arrows in his hand immediately for protection. "Aaron, you watch the southern areas," Gregory told one of the boys. Aaron nodded, taking the southern position, and as he did, the two others took their positions. There was only five hunters in all, but they were a strong and handy bunch.

"Wait, stop," Fawn murmured as her eyes scanned the forest. A soft breeze blew and it reeked of snake and blood. "She's here..." Fawn muttered angrily. She wouldn't want to fight the snake queen now of all times. The hunters weren't ready for it yet. Out of the shadows stepped the snake queen. My long tangled hair flowing. An evil smirk was upon my face. Around me laid a snake. It was wrapped around my neck, down my torso, and then around one of my legs.

"I see you have come to play," I whispered, giggling with delight. I touched the ground and as I did snakes began slithering all out of the shadows, around the hunters until they were trapped with no where to go. I smirked evily. "This will be a fun game."

Fawn growled beneath her breath, seeing all of the snakes. They weren't ready for this yet! She growled beneath her breath, unsheathing her sword as she pointed her long sword at the snake queen. "Be gone, Amaranth, this is not your place!" I laughed at her words, and walked over, the snakes parting to let me through. I stood facing Fawn, none of the hunters daring to come in between.

I lifted her chin with one, cold, long finger. "One day I will taste you, too," I chuckled, smirking a dark, and horrific smirk. I ran the finger up along her face, and then struck down, drawing a long line of blood on her cheek. I ran my finger along the line, and brought it to my lips. A long, serpent tongue wrapped around my finger. When I smiled, it revealed long snake fangs. I laughed and said, "Your day will come, Fawn." I laughed once more, disappearing in a whirl of the wind. As did the snakes, too.
Chapter 3

I reappeared in the castle, my eyes holding a great sign of amusemant within them. I found it funny that the hunters could even think they were strong enough to go against me. They were only children of an angel, and I myself (believed) I was like the goddess in the flesh. "Idiots," I muttered beneath my breath as I stared out the window. A huge, blood red moon was in the sky. Just another sign of my great power at which I had.

I chuckled beneath my breath, and strode over to one of the sofas. I sat down on it, and a large snake slithered through an open window and over to me. It patted its head and began stroking it as it rested around me. This realm would be mine soon... And soon I would move to the next and take that realm, too. Idiot of hunters! They were useless and should just give up as it is. They had no use to the realm with me here. They couldn't stop me. Any of them! I smirked darkly at the intriguing thought.

I looked up, hearing some one coming. As my serpent tongue flicked out to taste the air, I could tell that it was one from my Clan. One that I treated like my "second" actually. I waited for her to come inside, I didn't open doors for anyone. I hardly ever showed mercy, either. The harsh smell of blood filled the air, and my head tilted to the side as I watched the door. The huge double doors flew open, and in came Sophia, blood pouring from her neck.

"Mistress," Sophia moaned, falling to the ground and coughing up blood. What had happened? I wondered. As if she had heard my thoughts she murmured, "The hunters came after me..." she whispered. I could almost sense that she was beginning to loose herself. I chuckled. I guessed, it was time that she then earns her other half. I smirked a dark, evil smirk.

I stood up, and as I did my long trunk formed. Slowly, getting longer and longer. It lashed out, wrapping around her, and pulled her to me. Wings struck out through my back, making blood well up at where they had sliced through my skin. I chuckled beneath my breath. My wings brought her forward and I bent down and drank the blood that was at her neck. I ran my finger over the wound, and it sealed. I held my hand out, and a snake slithered over and bit into my wrist. I let it drink for a moment before I held my wrist to Sophia's lips. "Drink, princess," I murmured. She nodded, and hesitated for a moment before she began to drink. I waited a few moments, as I sensed that she was getting stronger and stronger.

"You have tasted my blood, Sophia... Now you may be able to take a true Clan form..." I whispered to her. I let her go, returning back to normal now. "Let your snake side show," I ordered. She nodded, and I could tell she was concentrating hard. She moaned, falling to the floor as her legs gave away and were starting to form together. I laughed with a dark happiness as I watched. The power in the air was strong, and it made me smile. Sophia finally took her entire form, and she pulled herself up.

"Thank you, Mistress," she said. I nodded.

"Now the hunters shall never attack you... Well, they will. But this time, you can take them," I told her. She nodded, smirking, too.

X x X

Fawn stood there, completely dumb founded. The other hunters, stood there too. "Fawn, are you okay?" Gregory asked, looking her over worriedly. Fawn nodded, her hand reaching up to her cheek. There was no sign of the scratch there, the only remnants seemed to be a scar. She shivered, not liking this one bit. Out of the shadows, she heard some one coming. They all turned in the same motion, seeing Sophia.

"You will not order my Mistress," Sophia yelled. She growled, pulling out a dagger. Being "in the zone" Fawn was not going to let Sophia harm one of her hunters. She ran through the others, with the agility of their angel, and pulled two daggers from their sheaths at her hips. She screamed once and slashed them at the womans neck. Sophia screamed, staggering back.

"Tell your stupid Mistress that the war has only just began," Fawn said, and spat at the ground as she stared at Sophia. Sophia gulped, staggering back and running into the forest, back to the castle and to her Mistress. She only hoped that Amaranth would save her.

Fawn stood there, watching as Sophia disappeared into the forest. Fawn placed her daggers back into their sheaths and turned to the hunters. "We need to get back to the hide out immediately. This is going to be far worse than planned," she said. They all nodded, heading through the forest. Gregory lagged behind as if there was something wrong. He couldn't even explain it himself. He shook his head, and continued behind Fawn towards their home.
Chapter 4

Both Sophia and I whirled around at the sound of the doors opening once again. A familiar figure stood in the doorway, a man by the name of Aireah. My brother. I smirked and said, "Brother," aloud as I walked over to him and embraced him in a hug. He returned my hug, and kissed my neck lightly where my blood flowed. I chuckled beneath my breath and stepped back. His tongue lashed out, tasting the air. He turned his gaze towards Sophia, and to me he said, "I see you have a member."

I nodded and replied, "Yes... She was just attacked by the hunters, and I decided to give her a full form." Aireah nodded, stroding over to Sophia. He pulled up her hand at her side, and kissed its top. He couldn't help but admit she smelled quite devine. He made a note in his mind that at some point he would have to taste her blood.

"Then why not go after the hunters? Show them why not to mess with your Clan, sister," Aireah replied, turning towards me. I thought about that thoroughly, and smirked.

"As long as you stay, dear brother."

"Of course," Aireah returned. I nodded and turned towards the door. I could still smell the hunters, they weren't very far away. We could still catch them easily. My wings lashed out, and I turned towards Sophia and Aireah. They came forward, and my wings touched their shoulders. I closed my eyes, and chuckled beneath my breath. A harsh wind blew through the doors, the sound of screaming souls. And when it was over and I opened my eyes we were standing behind the hunters.

"It seems you attacked the princess... The consequence you shall pay," I said aloud. They froze, and turned around to face me. Fawn stood at the forefront, eyes completely narrowed.

"You will do nothing to me, Amaranth," Fawn said aloud. I rolled my eyes. She thought she could be defended against me! Silly girl! What a fool she was. I laughed in full amusemant and stepped forward. I lifted my hand and pointed towards Fawn. Snakes slithered from the shadows, and went to her. They surrounded her, excluding her from the protection of the hunters. I smirked.

"Do not challenge me, girl," I told her. Fawn growled, but she was totally defenseless. The snakes were slowly beginning to wrap around her, making her unable to move. I walked forward, standing directly in front of her and my face to hers. "I keep my promises... I will taste your blood," I said, I leaned down towards her neck, about to taste it, when I heard one of the hunters scream out.

"Wait! Take me, don't hurt Fawn!" Gregory screamed, stepped forward. No... He wouldn't let Fawn be touched by that filthy woman! No, not a woman.. That beast! I turned around, looking at the boy with amused eyes. He told me to take him, not have him. So, it shall be then. I dropped Fawn and walked over to the Gregory boy.

"You should be more careful with your words, boy," I told him as I stood face to face with him. Fawn stood where she had been, released by the snakes now but frozen from being so dumbfounded. I saw a small sign of confusion in Gregory's eyes. "You shall be of the clan, now. My venom will enter your blood stream and you shall take the change. That is your sacrifice for me sparing Fawn. Would you still like me to spare her, now that you know what shall be done?" He nodded, and I smiled. "Good then... This will only hurt, a lot..." He gulped and I smiled

"Relax, boy," I ordered. My wings struck out, bringing him towards me. My long snake trunk slowly formed and wrapped around him. I leaned forward and whispered into his ear, "You'll see the light of my way soon enough..." I went to his neck now, kissing where his blood flowed similiar to how Aireah had done to myself earlier. My fangs elongated in my mouth, venom lathered over them. I chuckled, and bit down into his neck. The boy didn't scream, oddly enough. Impressive... I thought to myself. My coil tightened around him as sweet blood flowed into my mouth. I could taste it... He had remnants of snake blood, one of his family had been of the Clan in the past. This would only make his change all the more interesting.

As I drank, something hard ran into me. I was flung away from the boy, who was now left lying on the cold ground. As I brought myself together and raised up, I saw Tempest. One who had left the Clan because of my ways. She had joined the hunters in the quest to destroy the Clan. I growled. "Tempest, this is not your battle," I growled. Tempest's eyes narrowed as if she were seeing something totally different.

"Your damn wrong it isn't!" Tempest yelled. I chuckled, rolling my eyes.

"Fool, you should have come back when you had the chance!" I laughed, and my laugh echoed through the forest. As it did, the figures of Aireah, Sophia, Gregory, and myself all disappeared back into the castle, away from the hunters.

X x X

Fawn was on her knees, eyes wide with sorrow and pure hatred. "No, Gregory, no," she whispered beneath her breath. It was barely audible, only Tempest would hear. Tempest turned coming over and kneeling down beside Fawn sympathetically.

"He did it for you," Tempest whispered to Fawn, her hand rubbing her shoulder soothingly. Fawn shook her head in frustration.

"But Amaranth took him! He- He's one of them now!"

"One of them? I used to be one of them," Tempest replied.

"I didn't mean it like that..." Fawn said quietly.

"I know you didn't. I'm just pointing that out. He could come back to us, Fawn. You have to remember that... He could come back to us..." Tempest sighed, her eyes going towards the sky. She stared at the red moon with angered eyes. She totally doubted her statement, though. Gregory was gone, and her had snake blood. It was awakened now, it would probably never sleep again. If they thought the war had already started, they were sadly mistaken. This wasn't even the beginning.
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