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My Thriller Love Story!!!


My Thriller Love Story!!!

its a love story between a non totally hot guy (who is not human) and a girl.

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Chapter 1

I first day at vancouver high school I never really liked school at all but I knew this school I was going to love.I drove into the school drive way with my Mercedes.I got out the car wearing A blue T-shirt and jacket that was red and I was wearing my favorite jeans.I took my bag and walked towards the room was 456 and i found it I opened the door "Hey Im Bonnie!" she said smiling "Your my new roomate whats your name?" she asked "Im sarah!" I said smiling "Hey! oh thats your bed!" she said pointing towards the bed "Okay thanks." I said "So what class do you have?" she asked "Um Bio!" i said unpaking my clothes "No way! me 2!" she said smiling "wow!" i said "okay well i'll wait for you outside we can walk together to class okay?I'll let you change." she asked "Okay!" i said.

I walked outside "hey lets go!" she said "yeah!" i said "so i wanted to ask you if you wanted to come to a party tonight? you can meet my boyfriend.and his friends." She said looking down "Sure I'd love too! I drive" I said laughing "Okay!" she said laughing too so we walked to class just talking about the schools around here.After school we went to our dorm to get ready to go.Then we finished changing and everything then we left.I drove us there we just talked about collage and home.

I parked in the woods everyone did there was alot of mist but we survived.we got out and went to the fire "okay give me the updates here" I said laughing "Okay thats Johnny my ex and his girlfriend Roxy and thats Moose and Kierra." she said "Okay!" i said suddenly 4 boys walked towards us "Who are they?" I asked "Hey Bonnie!" a boy said staring at me before she could answer he was wearing a Black long coat and a white shirt inside and a Black jeans "Hey!" she said "Babe!" a boy said "Hi!" Bonnie said hugging him "Hey who's this?" he asked "Oh sorry this is Sarah my new dorm roomate! Sarah this is Damon my boyfriend and Liam! where are the other 3?" she asked "Partying!" Damon said we all laughed "hey Liam!" I said "Hey!" he said staring at me "Hey Liam how was your summer?" Kierra asked

"Oh um!" Liam said looking at me "Oh hey!" she said to me."Its Sarah right?" she asked "Yeah!" i said smiling "okay! what ever!" she said."Hey Kierra just drop it!" Liam said "Why dont you drop it?" Moose said defending Kierra "I dont want to fight but Kierra you are being a b****." Liam said looking at her."Oh yeah!" moose said "you make me puke!" moose said "Okay! thats gud!" Liam said then suddenly there was a spark in his eyes then Moose puked alot "Oh thats great Moose!" Kierra said walking away.Moose followed her.we all laughed.suddenly the music stopped."Thanks" I whispered to him "Your welcome." he said smiling.He stared at me as I looked at the DJ.

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Comment by ali on May 29, 2012 at 9:45pm

this is amazing thriller so i want to know more about it

Comment by aishling crazy muff sis on February 7, 2010 at 6:59am
its great very cool only not so much " he said " and "she said "and stuff

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