Drabble # 6: Hook, Line and Stinker

By Lady of Spain

                                                   (An outtake from Gone Fishin’)   

                                                                                                                                                            Banner by Lady of Spain    Rated K+        Disclaimer: S. Meyer owns Twilight.      


 Bella was a nervous wreck. She was chewing on her bottom lip again. Gosh darn it, why couldn’t she break that awful habit? No matter, she needed to talk with Edward and she knew it wouldn’t go well.               



The familiar silver Volvo pulled up to the house. Bella opened the door before Edward even knocked, and—to his surprise—dragged him inside.


His golden eyes shone with pleasure at her enthusiastic greeting, but as he read the expression on her face, his joy faded in a flash. “What is it, Love?” A crease wrinkling his forehead marred his perfect features while he awaited her response.


They sat down at the kitchen table—that was not a good sign. “Can I talk to you for a minute? I need to discuss my plans for this Wednesday.”


“And what plans would those be?” He always gave her his utmost attention, and this time was no different. Her rapid heart beat was not very reassuring though and he knew it wasn’t because of his close proximity. What was the terrible news that she had to tell him? 


“Jacob wants to take me out fishing that afternoon—you know—sort of a last goodbye before I’m yours forever.”


He had to pretend it didn’t bother him, but the green monster was screaming inside of him attempting to surface. Edward had to come up with a good excuse to dissuade her from going. “I don’t really think that’s very safe, Bella.”


“What could possibly happen to me?” she retorted. They were going fishing for crying out loud, not big game hunting


Edward’s face became animated as he spouted off all the catastrophes that could befall her. “You could lose an oar, get swept out to sea, struck by lightening, fall overboard, get hit on the head with the other oar, get eaten by a shar—”


Could his list possibly get any longer? Bella’s jitters were quickly being replaced by her bad temper. “How about none of the above,” she interjected with a scowl.


Gazing at her Adonis, she noted that he had the bridge of his nose pinched between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand. Deep down inside, her female intuition spoke to her subconscious. The reason behind his reluctance to let her go cavorting on a boat with Jacob was a simple one; it was his age old fear of losing her. He didn’t trust Bella’s heart where Jacob Black was concerned. Jacob was her best friend, but underneath it all, she had feelings for him—strong feelings—feelings that could easily be swayed in his favor.


“What are you really afraid of, Edward—that I’ll get swept away by his irresistible charms? That I’ll jump his bones? I love you Edward. For Pete’s sake, we’re getting married in less than five weeks. We’re just going fishing. Don’t you trust me?”


“It’s him I don’t trust—the dirty dog!”


“That’s really mean of you. Don’t call him that—you know I hate it when you call him names.” Her ire was up now.


“Bella—he always refers to me as the leech or the filthy bloodsucker. How do you explain your tolerance of his name calling?”

“I don’t like it when he talks like that either. He is making an effort to clean up his vocabulary though. But since you’re so much older than he is, you should know better.” That told him.


Edward’s face reflected grim determination. Standing up, he walked toward her. He placed both of his hands on Bella’s shoulders, looked her straight in the eye, and reiterated,” I still have serious reservations about this fishy trip of his. How do I know that he’ll bring you back?”


“Oh god, Edward, you’re making such a big deal out of this. You always overreact. I shouldn’t have told you about our plans.”


Edward’s mouth dropped open. “You would have gone without the courtesy of telling me?”


Was he serious—didn’t he know her better than that? “No, I would never do that to you, but I have to go, whether you approve of it or not. This is the last time we can be together. I’ll be too busy to see him in the next few weeks.”


Bella pulled Edward’s hands down off her shoulders. As he crouched down to her eyelevel, she placed them in her lap. “I owe it to him, Edward. He was there to put me back together when I was nothing but a bunch of broken pieces. Can you understand that?”


Edward cringed. The truth of her words plunged through his heart like a dagger. If only he hadn’t left—this bond between Bella and Jacob would never have been forged. Leaving was the biggest mistake he had ever made, and could presumably bring about an eternity of his own unhappiness.


Bella was one stubborn girl. He knew that there was no dissuading her when her mind was made up. Edward didn’t like the idea—at all—but he had to give her the benefit of the doubt. Restraining her would only send her running into that mutt’s arms.


Since his tactics weren’t being met with success, he tried a different approach. “Okay, I trust you, love. Just promise me that you’ll bring yourself home in one piece. I’m very partial to every little bit of you.” He put some icing on that comment by giving her a seductive wink.


“I’ll do better than that—I’ll bring home the catch of the day.” Little did she know . . .


He was loathe to admit it, but that was exactly what he was afraid of—that she would reel in a better catch. With herself as bait, she could hook onto a whopper—a whopper with russet skin, dark hair, and eyes the color of ebony.


It was a good thing he didn’t need to breathe because he would be holding his breath until her return. Poor Edward, he was unaware that he’d be holding it for three long days. And when he could finally exhale, it would be a long inconsolable sigh.



















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