Bella's story
                                                                     Chapter 1

Hi I am Isabella Swan and this is my story. I am liveing with my mom and my step dad, Phil. He is going on the road to play baseball and I am getting ready to go live with my dad, who lives in Forks, Washtion.

I just hope I will like liveing with my dad, but my mom wants to be with Phil, so yeah I have no choice and Want my mom to be happy. So hear I am on a plane to Forks Washtion, the food on the plane was gross so I didn't really eat.
I was so glad when the plane landed, I seen my dad as I was getting off the plane I was so happy to see him. He is the chef of police, when I walked over to him I gave him a hug, then he looked at me and asked," how have you been,"?. I replied back with a small smile "I'v been good,".
And that's all that was said because my dad is not a big talker. We finely got to Charlie's house, as I got out I looked around the house still looks the same. As we walked inside it's just as I rememberd it.
When I used to come hear in the summer back when I was younger, we walked up the steps to my room wow! my room looks just the same expect their is no toys and no dolls.
When my dad let my room I just sat their on my bed and looked around my room. Then I hurd a horn honk, so I got up to look out my window.
Then I walked out of my room and walked down the hall. When I got outside I seen someone who I knew as a child Jacob Black, and his dad Billy Black who is my dad's best friend.
As I walked over I seen a red truck sitting in the drive way my dad looks at me with a big smile," what do you think,"?. I looked over at him," about what,"?. He replies back," the truck,".
I replie back with this huge smile on my face, "wait wow!! it's mine,". dad looks over at me and replies back," yes it used to belong to Billy,", I thought it would be nice for you to have something of your own,".So I looked over at dad with a even bigger smile and replied," I love it dad think you.
So I opened the door and steped inside closeing the door behind myself, Jacob went around to the other side to get in. I looked over at Jacob and asked him," do you go to Forks high school,"?
He replied back," no I go to the high school on the Resvastion,". I thought to myself I must have forgoten because I haven't seen him in a long time.
As we were siting in the truck Jacob told me every thing I need to know about the truck, we sat their in that truck and talked about everything it was nice to see him agine.
Then later that night mom calls me and we talked for a long time. After I got off the phone with her, I layed down and fell asleep.

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