^ made by the amazing Debra!

This is about Severus Snape's childhood life and the challenges he faces and the decisions he makes and why. Haven't we all wondered about Snape's past and feelings? Well here it is...


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chapter 1

Alone. Shut up in the attic. Listening. My parents were fighting once again. I pushed my ear to the door to hear more clearly.
"You do nothing!" spat my mother at my father.
"More than you! I own this house!" he shot back.
"I can leave you if i wanted too!"
"Then do," said my father, but with a cold and sincere voice.
I pulled away from the door and stare out the small dusty. The sun was setting, the last rays just showing above the forest. I watch until it sets completely. I hear my mother storm up the steps and open and slam the door of the one little bedroom in the house. My parents shared one room, but my father i often found sleeping on the one couch in the living room. I wondered if I didn't exist would they still be together. I look back out the window, the sun set. The moon replacing it and bringing the darkness, something i hide behind. The darkness was a part of me. I liked the darkness and despair of the night, we shared the same feelings. I yawn and looks at my sack of straw, supposed to resemble a pillow. The small blanket lie beside it, it was torn in parts, but I liked it my mother made it for me. I curled in a small ball and wrapped the blanket around me. I dreamt of the usual dream. It was weird. There was this snake, always watching and listening to a person in a black cloak. I woke with a start. The attic was already full of light, meaning my mother was already gone for work. The blanket was thrown off me already. I wiped my ears and yawned. I thought of that Evans girl. She wasn't a Muggle, she was like me. We were different, a good different-special. I don't think she knew though. My mother is the witch. My father is just a Muggle. I climb down the ladder and head into the living room. My father was sleeping on the ouch as usual, he didn't stir as i passed and opened the front door. The winter air embraced me as soon as i stepped outside, it felt good: raw and brought me a sensation of warmth. I closed my eyes, listening for any movement. Nobody my age lived around here, the only one close enough was that Evans girl and her sister. They often played on the playground. I like to watch from the shadows, they never knew i was there. I haven't worked up the courage to ever talk to her. She was beautiful, her hair flowed on thick and red hair flowed when she was on the swings, her green eyes always shone with happiness. My legs instinctively walked off towards the playground. Today was the day, i knew it. I would finally confront her. I had to find out if she got accepted like me, she had to. I saw her do spells already, all she needed was a proper wand. I read all about Hogwarts. I would be a Slytherin, i just know it! The playground came into view. Sure enough, they were there already. The witch arguing with her sister. I stepped out of my bush and stare at her. The two girls get quiet and stare at me, probably inspecting my red handmade sweater that was torn and too small and my green color pants that were bought cheap.
"Who are you?" demanded the Muggle. Her sister, the witch, looked at me curiously. I walked over to her, ignoring her sister.
"You're like me, aren't you?" i ask her.
"What do you mean?" she asks while her green eyes show fear.
"You're a witch. I'm a wizard." i reply. She smiles a bit.
"You are too?" she asks happy.
"No you're freaks-both of you!" yells her sister at us. Her sister bites her lip and watches her storm off.
"I'm Lily. Lily Evans," she says her eyes focusing on mine.
"I'm Snape. Severus Snape," i say and hold out my hand and she shakes it.
"My sister doesn't understand," she says apologetically.
"I notice," i counter.
Lilly's sister comes storming back. Her eyes narrowed and hands clamped in fists. I watch, unsure of what she would do. She turned to me and stared at me for a moment.
"You were the one spying on us! I saw you! Hiding in that bush!" she yells at me. I don't reply. "You saw her do her stupid tricks! That's how you know!"
"So what if he was?" says Lily to her sister.
"I bet she's going to that stupid school-like you Lily. The one for freaks." she spat at her sister. I saw Lily flinch at the insult.
"Well yeah? It didn't seem stupid when you wrote to the headmaster! You begged him to let you in!" she says her green eyes blazing with anger.
"Freaks!" her sister screams. "Mom told you not to do your magic tricks! Yet you do! Freaks!" she says and stalks off once again.
I watch her go. Lily I can hear sigh, it troubled her to fight with her sister. Before all of this, i assumed they got on well.
"She's just jealous," I tell Lily, trying to comfort her.
"I noticed, Severus. Anyway, you’re going to Hogwarts too?" excitement replaced her anger.
"Yes i am. I'm going to be a Slytherin," I reply, my black eyes shining with pride.
"You wanna be a Slytherin? I wouldn't. I want to be a Gryffindor," she replies.
"Of course! Slytherin is the best house!" I reply back stunned she didn't think so.
"If you say so. Did you get your supplies yet?" she asks.
"Some of it my mother got for me," I say.
"Oh. I'm going tomorrow. i thought you might want to come with us," she says disappointment in her voice.
"Maybe. I don't know," I say.
"I've never been to Diagon Alley yet. Have you?" she asks.
"Yeah. A lot of times," i reply.
"Lucky you! Well i better go find my sister and head home for lunch. See ya around Severus," she says and turns to leave.
Her hand brushes mine as she turns. I watch her walk off, her red hair flowing with each step.
Oh I like this Shadow!!! I hope you're adding to it!

lambkins said:
Oh I like this Shadow!!! I hope you're adding to it!

thanks! i plan to soon!

made by the wonderful Debra!!!
just wanting to say i wont be updating so soon because i have no computer...on my friends and homework and all my life drama...(debra you know) so ill try to soon but no promises!
this is good and the banner is lovely!!!!!
thanks Minn...but that is the amazing Debra's banner!
Oh Shadow...no computer sucks!

I'll wait patiently! Be sure to message me when you update. ;)




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