"Bella please!!!!!" Jenna implored. She'd twisted her ankle minutes before and she had ice packed on it. I didn't skate anymore but I still
practiced with Jen. I was kinda her coach I guess. 

"The talent scout won't come back to Forks! It's too small."  She said
tears in her voice. 

"I can't skate for you!" I whispered.

"Yes you can no one will ever know!!!!! Please this in my only

"Fine. But never ever again."

Thank you she smiled and I grabbed her costume heading to the dressing

Tell me what you think!

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Nerves rushed through me as the announcers voice boomed, "Jenna Swan now from Forks Washington. I took a deep breath and skated into the center took my starting pose and waited for the music.

Phantom of the Opera began and I started Jenna's routine. I knew it front and back because Id helped her choreograph it. Triple tow loop, flying camel, final pose it had rushed by as if it had been 5 seconds not five minutes. I curtsied and headed off the ice. Jen was waiting for me beaming.

"That was amazing! You nailed it!!!"
"Thanks." I smiled Id forgotten how great it felt to perform. I left Jen to get back into my clothes. Jen was right nobody would ever know. I saw Jen waiting for me very excited.
"What?" I asked her
"You got 127.35!"
"No way!!!!!!"
"Yeah your in first place! Congrats!" I smiled. It felt great to perform, even better to win.

Jenna stared at me her eyes sparkling with joy.
"Thanks" she said and we walked to the exit. Charlie and Hayden were waiting for us. Hayden was Charlies new wife. She was really nice. Jen and I didn't get to see Rinee our real mom much. She lived in Florida with her new husband Phil.
"Great job Jen!!!!!" Hayden screamed in her sweet little voice. Charlie nodded awkwardly, he didn't talk much.
"Thanks," Jenna said happily. She looked at me I smiled.
"What happened to your leg!?" Hayden asked looking concerned.
"Uhh landed a jump weird." Hayden looked at her then decided to believe her.
"127 points," she said proudly. "Certainly something to celebrate. What do you want to do Jen?"
"Uh maybe we could go to the movies?" Jen asked. Hayden's phone beeped she smiled at Jenna and grabbed her phone.
"Hello?..... Oh I forgot I'm so sorry.... I'll be right there." She turned to Jenna. "Jen I have a meeting with a big client, can we have a rain check on that movie?" She asked hopefully.
"No problem." Jenna smiled.
"Thanks!" Hayden said. She kissed Charlie on the cheek and walked quickly through the parking lot in her blood red pumps. I sighed,"Dad can I go start choreographing a new routine?"
"Sure..." He said awkwardly. "See ya later." He grumbled to the ground turning to the cruiser. I smiled at Jen. "I'm gonna practice can you?"
"I think I better leave it alone for a while." I nodded. We headed inside where there were only a few people left in the stands. They looked at us and most of them went to congratulate Jen. I headed tword the ice. I pulled my shoes off and shoved my feet into my new skates. My outfit wasn't ideal for skating but I'd skated in worse things before. Headed for the ice I saw a girl sitting in the stands. She was wearing worn skates and a pair of Nike sweats. I continued onto the ice. Before I could start choreography I had to decide if I what song I wanted. Beth by Kiss without the singing I guess would be OK. I could do improve at first I didn't really want to look up all the info about the music. I could get an idea about the routine. I walked to the center of the rink to start. Posed like a ballerina then started with a step-to-step then spread eagle circle. I was interrupted by the girl in Nike sweats. "You're really good," she said shyly. I smiled modestly.
"Thanks." I said looking at her skates. They were well loved. I snapped my attention back to the girl.
"Whats your name?" I asked her curiously.
"Kristen." She replied. "You're Bella Swan, right."
"Oh yeah how did you know?"
She giggled. They're aren't very many twins that skate in Forks. I nodded.
"Your choreography is really pretty." She said smiling at me.
"Thank you!" I said appreciative, I didn't get much acknowledgment for anything I did. I liked it that way though Jen was the one who loved the spotlight. I was mainly quiet. I sat with Jenna's friends at lunch and listened to their constant babbling. Rachelle was my favorite in the group quiet but not afraid to speak when needed. We had lots of classes together too. I snapped back to reality where a woman was tapping me I spun around to see an unfamiliar face. Pretty black hair tall fit. She smiled.
"Isabella Swan?" I nodded. I'm Haley Hughes, the talent scout.

"Uh hi," I stammered. "Jenna's over there." I pointed to a small crowd where I knew Jenna would be.
"Oh no Isabella, I'm looking for you." I stared at her, did she know?
"Why?" Was all I could manage. She smiled at me slipped in a small breath and said,"Because you are very talented." She said like it was an everyday thing. Was this all some sick joke?
"Why me?" I asked confused. I just saw you skate.
"When?!" I asked panicky.
"Just now." She answered oblivious to my panicked voice. I sighed with relief. She didn't know. Thank god.
Oh this is good Megan! Can't wait for more!




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