I stood up and faced him, fury giving me strength. " You abuse your powers, Aro. I swear this is not over," I hissed.

Then I ran out before Aro changed his mind. No one followed me luckily. I ran without looking back until I came back to Washington.

I stopped outside of Forks to try and collect myself. But instead of calming down, I cried. I leaned against a tree and just let it all out, sobbing without tears.

I could never touch Kira again. I couldn't hold her while she slept. I couldn't kiss her to cheer her up. I couldn't hug her when she needed to be comforted.


But I would find a way to break this curse if it was the last thing I ever did.




Chapter 1 ~ Cold

If we had never went to Alaska.... If I had never went off my on my own.... If I had been smart....

No matter what phrase I come up with... it always ends in " I wouldn't be in this situation."

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

My name is Kira Cole. I am 18 years old. I have long black hair with piercing ice-blue eyes.

I went to Fairfield Highschool in the state of Illinois. For a graduation present, my parents decided to take me on vacation to a totally different environment. You see, Illinois is very hot in the summer and hardly ever gets any snow.

So when my parents said different environment, they meant the coldest, snowiest place in the U.S.


Of course, I didn't really like this idea. But I always did what would make my parents happy. I could deal with a couple weeks worth of snow and ice to make them happy before I went off to college.

So by June, I was packing my suitcase and getting on a plane to Alaska.

The plane ride was extremely long and boring. Dad sat on the aisle seat, constantly getting his elbow whacked by passing carts. Mom sat in the middle, reading her psychology book. I was fortunate enough to get the window seat. I stared out at the sky during the day, and fell asleep often.

On June second, we landed in Juno, Alaska.

Our apartment was little: two tiny bed rooms, a little living room, a tiny kitchen, and a five by five bathroom. It definately wasn't my idea of cozy, but I didn't complain.

Mom had our days all planned out. Skiiing, sledding, dog sledding, snow ball fights, ice sculpting. Everything that had me freezing cold.

And she also decided that we would go hiking. She hired some guy to guide us around on a two-day hiking trip.

Well, after hiking for only a couple hours, we had to stop because there was a storm warning. We only had two tents. Dad bunked with the guide while I was with Mom.

I finally got tired of listening to Mom's snores shake the tent and lying on the freezing sleeping bag. I got up and unzipped the tent, stepping out into the cold nigt.

Even through five sweaters, six pairs of socks, two coats, and a scarf, I felt like an ice cube.
I just started walking in a straight line. My mind drifted as I walked. I thought about what I would do in college and afterwards. What I was going to do with my life.

This was not a good time. By the time I came to a stop and turned around, the tents were nowhere in sight.

And to make things worse, the storm blew in. I couldn't see my pwn hand in front of my face.
I had to admit, I started to panic. I was lost in the middle of nowhere in a blizzard without any idea where the tents were.

But I knew better than to lose my head now. I took a deep breath and started in the direction I though the tents were.

An hour had passed. My hands and nose were numb... My toes were getting there.

Two hours... Hands and arms were dead. My vision had spun a little.

Three hours... My legs were starting to get wobbly now. I'd be caving soon. I knew it.

Four hours.... I collapsed on the icey ground. I just felt like an ice cube. Cold. Frozen. Paralyzed.

So this is how I was going to die? A frozen corpse in the middle of nowhere? Would my parents find my body? Or would I just be lost forever?

Just as I was about to close my eyes, never to open them again, I saw a shape through the blizzard. Or was it just my imagination? No... it WAS something... coming toward me.

I fought to keep my eyes open. The black shape stated to become clearer. I could see the silhouette of a person. A tiny spark of hope went through me. But my voice was completely gone, so I wasn't able to call for help.

But I didn't need to. The person was coming to me, and finally reached me. It was a boy... about my age... with golden/brown hair to match his pure gold eyes. He bent down over me. I could see worry in his bright eyes. His lips moved as he spoke something, but I was so disoriented that I couldn't understand him.

My eyes were drooping closed.... My last breath escaping me. The last thing I saw was his bright gold eyes.


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I was just checking out the site & saw this story! So I joined up so I could let you know that I LOVE THIS!

I love reading fanfics (mostly about the Jobros) and I must admit that this is the first Twi-Fic I am digging! Pleeeease keep posting! And if it is posted, can you please let me know where? Thanks! <3




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