This was actually oen of my dreams, lol. This about my favorite character from harry potter: Tonks. But in my story there is a twist to it. I wrote this to express how Tonks feels and what it feels liek to lose everythign and feel misplaced and lost in the world (alot like me).

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chapter one

"The last i saw Lupin, he was fighting Dolohov," a voice says.
I run between all the fighting, trying to find him. Spells being shot and rebounding from everywhere. Everything and everyone was fighting.
"Bellatrix, you are so much better than this," says his voice.
"Remus!," i scream and run towards the voice.
I run through the Great Hall, which was in ruins. I run to an open door and see my aunt and Remus.
"Filthy little half breed beast!" shrieks Bellatrix as she flicks her wand and Remus moans in pain.
"Bellatrix!" i growl at her, my eyes narrowed and hair red from anger.
"Ah! Your little wife, my neice Nymphadora. Let's get the show on! Ready?" she taunts and flicks her wand, green lights shoot out.
"No! Remus!" i scream as he is shot backwards and hits the wall.
By then i knew, i was too late. He slided down the wall and his head fell to the right side. His eyes were glazed open, staring into nothing. I close my eyes and lets out sobs. Bellatrix laughs at this. I clench my wand.
"Bellatrix! How could you?" i scream at her, raising my wand.
"The beast was in my way, like you. I'll let you go see him now," she laughs and taunts raising her wand.
She tries to use the killing curse but i saw it coming. I jump to the side, as the green light shoots past me.
"Protego!" i shout.
"Is tha the best you can do?" Bellatrix laughs. "Protego doesn't protect you from the killing curse! What has Dumbledore taught you? Why don't you show me"
I glance over at Remus's limp body, anger builds up inside and reaches the boiling point.
"For Dumbledore and Lupin! Avada Kedavra!" i scream and the green light shoots out of my wand towards Bellatrix.
The light hits Bellatrix directly in her chest, her face shows shock and then she falls backwards, and i know it's the end. I run to Remus, it can't be true. There must be a mistake.
"Remus!" I scream at the body.
I collapse next to him, into tears. He was already cold, and gone-dead. Tears stream down, and my hair turns blue because of how i feel. I hold his hand, wishing he would grip back. I will never see him again. He won't know our son, or be able to be with me. Why didn't i act faster? It was all my fault. I hug his body.
"Don't leave me, Remus. What about Teddy! He needs you! I need you! Please! Please!" i scream at the body, knowing it won't answer.
Oh Shadow---excellent!

lambkins said:
Oh Shadow---excellent!





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