I sat on a white plastic chair staring at him. The boy was perfect. He was muscular, tall and had a dirty white blonde hair color that complemented his tan skin. Elliot looked over at me from a close by chair,
 "When are you going to say something?" He asked. Never, I thought. But I answered, "As soon as he gets injured and is forced to not be surrounded by people all the time." Elliot shook his head but he returned his gaze to the game in front of us.

 Random not long I'll continue so if you like it tell me.

This is Lina if you were wondering =)  Texture is Lauren.

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Sam against Jack. A fairly even match but Sam was quicker and had the advantage. The score was 30 love Sam, not surprising if you saw his serve. Jack hit the ultimate net drop shot and Sam ran to the net to try and return, he might have but he stepped on a tennis ball and fell. It didn't look too bad just the average slip but he'd probably have to sit out for a while. Elliot looked over at me smugly, "It's meant to be." He laughed and got up out of his chair to help Sam. Elliot was suppose to have a stomach ache but he really didn't he was just faking so we could talk. I got out of mine and followed him slowly onto the court.
Sam was already up and walking twords the sidelines with Mason and Ryan helping him along. I went back to my seat and waited desperately to see where he'd choose to sit. I wanted him to sit next to me but I didn't. Finally I grabbed my racket and took off the shock absorber and then pit it back on until my racket was grabbed out of my hand by none other than Sam. Of course. He smiled lightly and turned it in his hands.
"Babolat?" He asked surprised. I'd played with the same racket since my birthday, no one really cared about my racket anymore.
"It's nice," He said.
"Yeah I guess," I commented.
"So you like it?" He asked.
"Yep. It's a pretty nice racket," I said. He nodded and handed it back.
"So how's your wrist?" He asked.
"Better then when you hit it." I smiled at the memory. I didn't know why though.
Sam was looking at the fence and looking flawless as ever. Mason was serving on the other side of the court and it hit Sam square in the back of the head. Alarmed Sam turned and his racket hit me in the wrist. It hurt, a lot. And then Sam apologized repeatedly and then after talking to Greg I walked off the court and watched as everyone played my mom came to get me I waved goodbye to Elliot with my left hand and walked out.
"Yeah sorry about that." He said once again, "Wanna go get a Popsicle?" He asked.
I smiled slightly, "Sure but I thought you liked Hershey's..."
"I do but you like Popsicles." I smiled at the fact he'd noticed.
"Then we should get Hershey's today and I'll get a Popsicle tomorrow."
"Wait, so I don't get to have a Popsicle tomorrow?" He asked faking offense.
"You'll be fine by tomorrow." I said.
"You sure about that?" He asked lifting his right leg to show me his ankle.
"Ouch." I said lifting me head up again.
"Yeah," He said trying to get up from his chair.
"So," Sam said, "why do you never come here?" He finished.
"'Cause that would be illegal." I laughed a little embarrassed. Sam looked at me confused for a minute then asked, "Why would that be illegal?" Confusion mixed in his voice. I sighed a little and kicked a small rock on the ground, "Because I'm not a member of the Sonoma Racquet Club And Resort. And you have to be a member to be here, unless you're taking a class.
"What about that one time when you were here at like nine with that kid?" He asked. He obviously had something against Ryan but I suppose I did too so...
"Ryan?" I asked like I didn't know what he was talking about, but I did.
"Yeah I guess that's him." Sam uttered. I thought back to that day when my match against Ryan had all the normals confused. We had been playing on court 12. It was back in the days when I ran around my backhand still. Even then Ryan really wasn't good enough to play me. It had been about nine when the small crowd started showing up. Chris, Chad, Armin, Sam... It had been one of the worst days ever. They all just stalked Ryan and I. They tried to be sneaky about it but they kinda failed when the all jumped into the pool while I was changing into my bathing suit. I didn't know why I thought it would be fun to go anywhere with Ryan but I had.
"So why did you come here with him?" Sam asked again. I laughed at his impatience.
"I came here with him 'cause I needed to practice and he's the only person I know who has a membership here that I don't hate."
"What's wrong with Pete and I?" He asked slightly insulted.
"No no I don't hate you or Pete it's just I wasn't good enough to play either of you then."
"But you are now." He said smiling.
"I'm not so sure." I said.
"Not really," I thought aloud "To late now though I guess neither of us are going to be playing much anytime soon." He sighed, but I wasn't sure if it was a sound of happiness or dismay. The beauty of wishful thinking eh?
Oh you have to write more!
Thanks Debra! I will =)
I smiled to myself as I closed the door to the car and walked the short distance to the club's entrance. I was extra early, two hours to be exact. Sam had asked me to meet him at the Courtside Cafe' for a surprise... I was nervous until I saw him. Sam was waiting just like he said he would be. My stomach exploded with butterflies. He smiled and waved a half wave. I was only ten feet from him when Brent pulled me over. Brent was my former coach. He was a nice guy and had always liked me.
"Sam?" He asked a little sounding a little skeptic. I didn't really know what he was getting at but then he smiled, "good for you." and he gave me a little push tword Sam.

God, I thought. Does everyone know? Maybe it was just Brent. I hoped so but I couldn't worry about that now. Sam was walking forward and the butterflies might as well be bats now.
"So, ready for your surprise?" He asked me a devious smile twisting up on his gorgeous face. "OK, did you have breakfast?" I shook my head, in my rush to get here early I'd completely forgotten to eat.
"Good" he smiled and threw me a bright red apple that had been sitting on the counter behind him.
"Thanks," I smiled.
"Yeah no problem, Pete doesn't like fruits or vegetables," he shook his head and bit into his own apple.
"Why not?!"
''Cause he's stupid." I nodded and took a bite out of my on apple.
"So what's this surprise?" I asked curious.
"You'll see soon enough." He grinned at me and took another bite.
Oh sure...keep us waiting Megan! LOL
Haha I'll update soon. =)
I wasn't a patient person but looking at Sam made time fly. Soon he had finished his apple and was leading me out of the Courside Cafe'.
"So where are we going?" I asked curiously.
"Patience!" He laughed.
"Even you know I'm not patient!"
"What's that suppose to mean?" He asked genuinely confused. I shook my head and followed him quietly past courts eight nine and ten. I was curious where we were headed until we took a turn right before we got to courts eleven and twelve. I knew exactly where we were headed now.
"Where are we going?" I asked Sam to reassure my suspicions.
"The playground duh!" He answered sarcastically.
"No, seriously."
"I think you know where we're going." He said that wicked gorgeous grin on his face again but this time I realized he really was in on the joke.
"Why would I go in there?"
"Becasue Eldon wants you to."
"Why?" I asked annoyed because I knew the answer.
"You're Lonnie's sister," he answered me looking a little guilty.
"No." I stated turning away.
"Please?" He asked.
"I'm not going in there."
"Why not?"
"Becuase, I'm not just Lonnie's sister."
"We know!"
"Oh, you know?" I asked raising my voice. "You have no idea Sam! You're the one that pete has to fill the shoes of!"
"That's not true," He said.
"Tell that to the ladder." I sighed and turned away.
"What are you going to do here for an hour and a half?" He asked.
"I'll find Chris or something." I answered and started walking away. Sam limped after me, he easily caught up because he was fast but I could tell it hurt him.
"Just talk to him, he thinks you're a good player."
"He thinks I'm Lonnie, and I'm not Sam. I sighed, what was I going to do? I couldn't go all day without seeing Eldon. Especially if I was going to be hanging around for and hour and a half.
"Lina!" I heard someone call. Andrew! Brent would take me home! it made perfect sense. He knew where I lived he and Lonnie were friends he was at my house all the time anyway. I wiped the tears from my face and turned to Andy, "Where's Brent?" I asked. He looked confused but my red eyes probably kept him from asking questions and pointed to the cafe. I waved briefly and ran for the cafe.
"LINA!" Sam called, but I ignored him knowing he wouldn't catch me. Especially not with the questioning Andrew probably had in store for him.
Oh this is gonna be good...;)
Brent was on break when I got to him.
"Brent will you take me home?" I pleaded my breath still unsteady. He nodded, he knew me well enough to know I wouldn't be able to explain anything yet. He walked me out to his car, a red truck.
"So what's wrong?" He asked me.
"Everyone thinks I'm Lonnie, I'm not. I don't ant any special treatment either." Brent frowned.
"Lina I'm not sure it's special treatment. I think it's just Eldon caring. I mean he cared about Sam getting hurt same with Taylor." I shook my head, "Brent, Taylor and Sam are two of the best players here."
"You're not too shabby yourself Lina."
"Brent," I whined. He laughed at me and I smiled a little bit.
"You sure you wanna go home?" He asked.
"Fine," I sighed and I got out of the car Brent did he same.
"Thanks" I said and then gave him a hug.
"Get back to your boyfriend now!" He laughed. I gave him a fake punch and started off twords where I'd left Sam. I walked around the club. Eventually, I found him. He was sitting in a white beach chair by court 4.
"Hey" I said nervous to see his reaction. He looked up, "Hey" He said.
"Sorry," I mumbled.
"Don't worry about it. I probably would have done the same thing." He smiled.
"So you really think we should go to the office?" I asked nervous.
"Not right now, I have something to say first."
"You have something to say?" I asked curious.
"Well more like a question." He stated.
"Right, shoot."
"Do you think Pete really feels like you do? I mean like I'm his Lonnie?" Of course that was his question.
"I can't read minds but I'm fairly sure that's how he feels."
"Oh god. That's terrible I never even though of it that way." I shrugged not knowing what to say next.
"So, is that it?" I asked.
"Uh... Yeah that's it." He smiled "Eldon's office?" I nodded. I still wasn't psyched about the whole thing.

We walked quietly to the back courts and occasionally wave to the normals we knew. I looked at the tree where Karen Maddy and I use to sit waiting for our brothers to finish their practice. We all had talented older brothers around the same age, but I was the only one who took up the sport. Maddy's brother Armin still played and was a good friend of mine and Lonnie's. He was a tall boy curly hair, smart and funny. Karen's brother Max got a tennis scholarship to Stanford last year. I still saw Karen at school but almost never heard from Max. And the infamous Lonnie, if you were wondering quit tennis last year due to a shoulder injury. It happens all too often, a good player plays with a racket too heavy and messes up their arm or shoulder. Lonnie fully recovered in December but hasn't come back to the sport.

"Here we are." Sam's words interrupted my thoughts of old times.
"Here we are." I repeated. Sam smiled and opened the office door. It was a small office, crammed with tennis rackets, trophies and ribbons. And sitting at a rather large wooden desk was Eldon. He smiled at us.
"What's up?" He asked. I looked at Sam.
"Nothin much," Sam replied casually.
"And the wrist?" He asked me.
"Better," I said trying to be nonchalant.
"That's what I like to hear!" He said and reached for the wrist. He grabbed it an turned it and pushed on it. To my surprise it didn't hurt much.
"Does this hurt he asked as he squeezed my wrist. I shook my head it honestly didn't hurt.
"Well then, you think you can play?" I shrugged, "I'm not sure."
"Well why don't you try? You and Sam can use court four. Try one set and if hurts stop." I was confused Sam hurt his leg Eldon had to know that.
"But Sam's leg?" I asked.
"He's fine," Eldon said and waved us to court four.




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