Have you ever tried sharing your faith and it REALLY goes badly?Well I would like to share a technique that is very effective. Even if the person does not believe in God right away.This will give them something to think about and eventually, they will come around

Ok, here we go.

First of all. Don't use the word "religion".God is not about religion.Hes about "relationship".And you can have a relationship with God no matter what religion you are-as long as that religion is centered on "Jesus Christ". The reason I dont like organized religion is because,without Jesus Christ, religion is nothing but rituals,routines and tradition-and none of it means anything without Jesus Christ. People choose or CREATE their own religion based on rules,standards and guidelines that suit/fit his or her own lifestyle.Which leaves them free of accountibility.That's what is so great about God--its one standard for EVERYONE.

Lets say every individual person on earth made their own laws and rules and there were no set laws to live by.You think the world is bad NOW?The world would be in even more chaos as it is now if we all made up our own rules and laws. Atleast the laws we have set in our country and the other countries of the world holds people accountible for their actions-some more than others. Which creates SOME order in the world.

The Ten Commandments are the ULTIMATE standard of accountibility.They are universal,which means they apply to EVERYONE. Which is why breaking them holds the ULTIMATE consequence.

But, God gave us a way out.He sent His son.(which,the bible says is Himself-read about the Trinity and youll see that God,Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one and the same)--Which,I believe is the ULTIMATE proof of His exsistance and His love for us.

The Bible says "Greater love hath no man than this-That he would lay down his life for another" and that is what God did- He LITERALLY laid down His own life so that we would have eternal life in Heaven and not have to suffer the ultimate punishment of having to go to Hell.

Now, here is how you approach the person--you say "for a moment, forget the fact that you don't believe in God. I'm going to walk you through a 'what if' situation. And,again,I am going to use the Ten commandments.If I were to ask you- 'Have you ever told a lie?' you would say 'sure,who hasnt?' then I ask 'what does that make you?' you would say 'A liar'.Then I ask 'have you ever stolen anything?even the smallest little thing?' you would say 'yes'. I ask 'what does that make you?' you'd say 'A theif' Then I would ask "Have you ever looked at anyone with lust in your heart?" 99.9% of people would say yes to that too.Who hasnt? So then I would ask 'Have you ever used God's name in vain?' and that means using His name as a cuss word.You would say 'sure.Every once in a while' Then I would say 'well that is called blasphemy'.Finally,I would ask 'Have you ever hated someone?' You might say 'yea,I probably have, for one reason or another.' I would say 'well,hate is a form of murder.You are committing murder in your heart.You kill that person in your heart. So,By your own admission-you are a lying,theiving,blasphemous, adulterer and MURDERER at heart.'

Now you have gotten the person to really examine his or her conscience

So you continue and say "Now,again,lets just forget the fact that you don't believe in God.Like I said,this is a 'what if' situation. All you have to do is believe and listen to your own conscience. Whether you call it 'God' or whatever.IF God were to judge you by the Ten commandments(like the ones I just mentioned) would you be innocent or guilty?I dont think anyone could deny that they would be guilty. So,based on that,do you think you would deserve to go to heaven or hell?"

The person might say, "well.hell probably. But, I don't believe my God would punish me that way"
So,you say "What you're doing there is exactly what I mentioned earlier--you are choosing or creating a religion that suits your own standards and lifestyle.God calls that "Idolatry".Which is another commandment -"thou shall not create for thyself any graven image".

And then, you end the conversation by saying "I hope this all Helps.Again,I am not trying to judge you in any way(Keep in mind that I am held to these same standards as I just mentioned.So if I am judging you,I am judging myself too).I am just giving you an idea of how Christianity works and something to think about.Because,to be honest, even though I dont know you personally,I care about you(If I didnt,I would not have taken all this time to speak to you about this). And I care about your eternal destiny.You haveprobably already considered the fact that I may be wrong. But,just this once,consider that I might be right. Because IF I am,I dont want you to suffer the consequences of what I am talking about. Remember,God gave everyone a way out-All we gotta do is believe and accept what Jesus did on the cross:-)"

Saying this leaves the person knowing that you really do care and, at the same time,they dont feel like they are being judged

And this is the most effective technique to use to tell someone about God. I hope you have all found this as useful as I have. God bless:-)

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