omgsh this is awesome thxs 4 making dis! lolz im taking a little survey n i was wondering if u guys can take it is

p.s. its not done yet so i hope u guys can help add some ne questions...thxs:)

x_Amanda Fernandez_


Fanpires Survey

mark an x below if you have

[] any of the characters as a doll
[] have more than 4 posters
[] the full twilight series
[] friends as obsessed as you are
[] seen the movie more than 5 times
[] the movie
[] read the books more than twice
[] a myspace/facebook with pictures of twilight EVERYWHERE
[] a little sister/brother who knows all of the characters names becuase you taught them
[] more than 4 teachers at your school who is reading twilight (or finished)
[] plans to see new moon with your friends when it comes out
[] a twilight pillow case or covers
[] a twilight jacket
[] twilight sleepwear
[] a twilight bracelet/necklace
[] a cullen crest


mark an x below if you have done this

[] gotten friends mad at you because all you ever talk about is twilight
[] writen i♥edward cullen on all of your homework assignments
[] gotten in trouble by the teacher for writing i♥edward all over your papers
[] skiped doing homework just to finish reading
[] ignored a friends call or messege just to finish reading
[] had to have the books taken away from mom/dad because you didnt clean your room
[] never gone more than a day without talking about twilight
[] have been to the movies more than twice to see twilight


mark the answer....

1.)whats the name of edwards car?

[] A. Porsch
[] B.Volvo
[] C. Jeep
[] D. BMW

2.)why is Rosalie so jealous of bella?
[] A. Because Emmett like bella better
[] B. Because she is smarter than her
[] C. Because she is a human and prettier than her
[] D. Because Jacob likes her

can u guys help me w/ the rest??plz

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First of all why is Rosalie so jealous of Bella.... She's human and because Edward likes her, he's never looked at Rosalie the way he looks at Bella and never has had feeling for her in that sort of way. She doesn't want Edward but she's jealous that Bella gets the attention from him, that should be focused on her. Rosalie love the attention but she doesn't get it. Its not like she wants Edward, she's happy with Emmett but that doesn't mean she doesn't want the attention and admiration--she gets from other males--from Edward. Anyone that's read the series should know that, its elementary! Second of all these questions don't really have anything to do with if we know the series or not its more about whether we have items or if we're in love with Robert Patterson..... Has Twilight become nothing but a mere movie in everyone's eyes? The movie was not even close to the brilliant depicturing, writing, details, dialogue, of our beloved series. Who can honestly say they love the movie more than the book its self? If you can not truly call yourself a twifan! My opinion for your survey is to actually add in some actual questions about the story its self e.g. what are the Cullen's full names? Whats the back story on all the Cullen's human lives, and how did they become vampires? etc.... c'mon now any true twilight fan can handle these simple questions.... Sorry if i was alittle harsh =D




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