kk i want you all to read it and tell me what you think. . .keep in mind this is WAY ahead of what you all have read so far and i just want to know hwat you all think and PLEASE tell me if its too much okay thanks this is only a paragraph of the whole chapter just tell me what you think thanks!!!!!!!!!



I love you more,” I said right before our lips met. Our lips moved together slowly at first, then more urgently. I parted my lips to let him in, one of his hands was pressed tightly to the small of my back, and the other was tangled in my hair were he held my head. My breathing became more hurried, close to hyperventilation. I grabbed the hem of his shirt and put my hand under it. I traced his stomach and chest, he responded in a low sigh. I was, again, surprised by his perfection. He grunted and picked me up, he carried me upstairs to his bedroom never once breaking out kiss. He lay me in the center of his huge bed, the softness of the sheets had nothing compared to the tenderness of his hands. I watched, perplexed as he took his shirt of and laid on top of me. I drew one hand into his hair, stands moving through my fingers. My hands urged him closer- closer than what seemed possible. My other hand started memorizing every part of him: the texture of his chest, muscled contours of his stomach, the curves around his spine, the strength embedded in his firm arms.

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that is really good
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