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Hey this is a group for my fanfic Forever Dawn :). i really hope you guys like it! :D

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Note :

My story is taking place 10 years after the end of Breaking Dawn and it is from Bella’s POV. They still live in Forks and Carlisle still works at the hospital and Jacob and nessie were the only ones at school J Because Nessie is now all grown up her and Jacob are a couple. I am so not a writer but tell me if you guys like it and ill write another chapter J. if you don’t like it then ill stop. J

Chapter 1

These past 10 years of my life have easily been the best 10 years of my life, both human and vampire. Not only do I have the most amazing husband on the planet with the name of Edward Cullen, but I have the most amazing daughter Rennesmee.

Ill admit when I first became a vampire I thought I was going to lose everything that I cared for. I thought I was going to lose my father Charlie, and my best friends Jacob Black. I thought that Rosalie was going to hate me even more than she already did. But because of little Nessie I didn’t have to lose anything, in fact I gained a lot more.

Because I had finally made a decision that Rosalie would have made we are now so close we are like sisters, and I am glad about that. Also I still have Charlie in my life, though he doesn’t quite fully understand what I have become and I am even more thankful for that, I had chosen this life but I would not want this for my own father.

Something that I could have lived without is my best friend imprinting on my own baby, Jacob Black, the man I used to be in love with, it seems strange now when I look back on my human self and remember how much I needed him, although Jacob imprinting on Nessie had help is escape the Volturi without any of us getting hurt I still don’t particularly like the idea of him being my son-in-law one day.

If I didn’t like that idea then Edward most definitely hated the idea.

“Jacob I may have gotten used to the idea of you always being around now but if you cant stop thinking about my daughter that way I will rip your head off!” Edward said as we were all sitting in the living room doing our own thing.

Carlisle was reading yet another book on the armchair next to the window, Esme was planning another restoration on another house, Alice and Rosalie were planning another shopping trip , I refused to go this time it’s the summer holiday and all we have done is shop, and Emmett and Jasper were playing cards on the dining room table.

“Dad! If you don’t like his thoughts then stop reading them!” shouted Nessie, a bit embarrassed as she and Jacob were on the floor doing there homework they got that day from school.

“Ness its hard to ignore someone when there shouting” Edward said this while he was glaring down at Jacob.

“Hey Ness why don’t you go down to La Push and visit Billy, you haven’t been to visit him in a while and I think your grandpa is there as well” I said this as Edward turned to me in disbelief. He hated it when he could hear what Jacob was thinking but he hated not knowing what they were up to even more.

“Thanks mum!” she jumped up and kissed me on the cheek “Love you, see you later dad, come on Jacob lets go”

“Thanks” whispered Jacob so that only I could hear him as he walked past me.
“What did you do that for!” demanded Edward as soon as he knew they wouldn’t be able to hear him “we don’t know what they will get up to now!”

“I do” laughed Emmett

“Shut up Emmett your not helping!”


“I did that because I didn’t want you to get into yet another argument with Jacob, your just going to have to accept that he’s in Nessies life now wither you want him to be or not” I went over to him and wrapped my arms around him “we cant change how they feel for each other and if you make Jacob go away Nessie will leave as well” I reached up and gave him a kiss.

“I cant win can I” he said smiling “ if he cant have you then he had to fall in love with my daughter” he was still smiling and it took me a while to be able to answer him, that smiled still dazzled me no matter how many times I saw it.

“At least you will always have me” I said while smiling back at him.

“I think I can live with that” he said and reached down to give me a passionate kiss. If I still had a heartbeat it would be going crazy right now. I still can get used to the effect he has on me and how much more it is now im a vampire. Every time he touches me I just wanted to…..

“Do you guys mind! If your going to do that then go somewhere else!” said Jasper. It would be embarrassing but I didn’t really care at that point.

Edward just laughed and said “hey does anyone want to go hunting im getting hungry”

“Hell yeah! I’m always up for a hunt” said Emmett. He’s always up for anything and the idea of wrestling some mountain lions or grizzly bears never fails to put a smile on his face.

“I cant im sorry I have to get to the hospital. Maybe next time” said Carlisle while smiling and he kissed Esme on the head before leaving.

“Why not ive got nothing else to do” Jasper said

“We cant were going shopping” said Alice with a huge smile on her face. How she can still enjoy shopping after a hundred year of it ill never know.

“Bella you sure you don’t want to go shopping with Alice, Esme and Me? It will be fun and you will be on your own hear anyway” Rosalie said this with a small smile, she knew that I would rather choose to stay here alone that endure another day shopping with Alice.

“No thank you, ill just stay here and watch some TV or something”

“Do you not want to go hunting with us?” Edward said this with a sad look on his face. We still hated being separated from each other no matter how short the time apart may be.

I laughed “don’t worry ill still be here when you get back”

He gave me one last kiss before he left and them I was all alone in the house.

I turned on the TV and found a food channel to watch. If there was one thing I missed from my human days was cooking for Charlie. I do still cook for him sometimes but its a lot harder when you cant really taste the food.

After a while I stopped paying attention to the TV and instead I was remembering Isle Esme and how that trip had changed my life completely. I was just remembering the amazing pillow biting incident when there was a knock at the door.

I was confused who would be chapping at the Cullen’s door? No one ever came here. And Charlie always phoned before he came to visit and it wasn’t as if everyone couldn’t get in if they forgot there key.

Then I caught scent of who was outside and I was instantly in a panic. What should I do? I could phone Edward but he would be far away by now and his phone would be off. I could phone Alice but what would be the point in that she would have seen by now and was probably be on there way home by now.

I decided to phone Carlisle and tell him who was here but his phone was switched of and the phone in his office just rang out onto answer phone.

I had no other choice, I was going to have to answer the door or they would break the door down.

There was another loud knock, they knew I was here…..all alone. I should have went with Edward.

I took a deep breath and answered the door.

There he was his red eyes staring down at me with a smile on his face that would have been sweet if I didn’t know what he was capable of.

“Bella” he sighed.

And beside him were Jane, Felix and Demitri.

I never felt more alone.

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Comment by Emma on June 1, 2011 at 5:58am

hey guys, its been a while lol sorry.

i was going to upload a few more chapters but my laptop got a load of viruses on it and everything has been deleted, all my pictures, my music, stuff for college and my fanfic, its been a right pain in know :P

i might try and rewrite them, but only if anyone is actually going to read it lol :)



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@Tammyy thanks! :D
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just read this, its really good :)

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told u guys it would be up today :P i really hope u like it :)

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ok guys i have a half day on wednesday (woooh :P) so im going to finish chapter 8 then :)

sorry its taken me like 3 weeks but ive been really tired/busy :(

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chapter 6 is up now!! :D hope u like it! :D
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ok Chapter 6 WILL be up today!!! :) if it isnt u can set Jasper on me :P
Comment by Emma on August 17, 2010 at 8:52am
sorry!!!! i totally forgot all about chapter 6 :S all the Robsten stuff over the weekend totally distracted me :D

how amazing was the weekend :) i totally freaked :P

ill try and get it up over the next 2 days :)

sorry again :)

Comment by Emma on August 12, 2010 at 11:09am
ok guys chapter 6 is almost finished :D it should be up either tomorow or saturday :)

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chapter 5 is now uploaded :) enjoy :P


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