hey im starting college on monday :( but i AM still going to wite more chapters to my story but they just may be a bit further apart than normal :S


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Note 2


hey i have re-written the ending :) even tho i dont like Jacob at all i did feel REALLY bad about killing him off :( its not the same knowing hes dead :( so i really hope that you like the new ending cause i really dont want to have to re-write it again :P





Chapter 7

Before any of us had a chance to think all of us were outside standing between Jacob and Ness and Mathew. I could see it in Jakes eyes that he was hurt, more hurt than he had ever been by something that I did or said to him. I remembered what it was like when I was human, when it was me that Jake was in love with and how he was so ready to kill Edward if he was given the chance. But he hadn’t imprinted on me, what he feels for Ness is a million times stronger than what he had ever felt for me.

What happens when the girl you imprint on falls in love with someone else? Jacob said once that the girl has a choice, that she doesn’t have to be with him if she doesn’t want to be, but what about him? What happens when the person who is holding you to the earth isn’t there anymore? I had a feeling, that is it was anything like the way me and Edward feel for each other then he would do what Edward did, what I would do if I didn’t have Edward anymore, he would try to kill himself.

I couldn’t let him do that. I still loved him, not in the way I used to, but in the way that he was my best friend, I wasn’t going to let him kill himself.

“Jacob” I started to walk towards him slowly “Jacob please, you have to listen. I know your confused by what you saw but please, calm down and we can talk about this”

To my surprise he actually started laughing.

“Talk about this? What is there to talk about? Your all the same aren’t you. You say that you love me, you give me a small glimmer of hope that we could be together and then you go fall in love with a vampire! So please Bella tell me? What is there that we need to talk about?”

“Your hurt I understand that plea..”

“Hurt! Why would I possibly be hurt! Because I caught the girl I love kissing someone she has just met! don’t tell me to calm down Bella because I have every right to be angry!” I knew that he was close to loosing it completely, but in all the years we have known each other he has never hurt me, I didn’t think that he was going to start now.

“Your right you do have a right to be angry. What Ness did was wrong, I’m not trying to deny that, but you have to let her explain Jacob. Please, you know she loves you, its not as simple as her not loving you, so please, just let her explain.”

I could feel everyone around me growing still. They didn’t know how Jacob was going to react, but I did, he wasn’t going to hurt her. He couldn’t.


“Thank you” I smiled at him a little but that didn’t seem to soften him any, “Ness, come here”

I knew she didn’t want to do this, I knew what it felt like to have this sort of conversation with Jacob, it hurt to hurt him but she had to, he deserved that much.

For a while they just stood there staring at each other, Jake seemed to soften a little looking at Ness.

Eventually it was Ness who broke the silence, “I’m sorry” she whispered.

“Your sorry? That it!” shouted Jacob, Edward stiffened beside me, I put my hand on his shoulder warning him.
“I…I didn’t mean to, I didn’t plan it, it just sort of… sort of happened. Im sorry, you know I would never want to hurt you, we just started talking, I don’t know what happened we just started kissing im sorry!”

The pain in her voice was killing me, I would give anything for her not to be going through this right now.

“Ok then your sorry” he paused thinking for a minute and then he said “Choose!”

“What? What do you mean choose?”

“Between me and him. You cant have both so you have to choose!”

Mathew moved over next to Ness, I closed my eyes, of ALL they things he could have done to help that wouldn’t be one of them.

“Look mate I don’t know you but you cant just make her choose right in front of you that’s not fair!”

“Oh for god sake!” I thought. Can he really be that stupid. Jake started to shiver again, they were going to end up fighting, I didn’t need to be Alice to see that.

“Not fair? Your telling me what is fair! Im sorry ‘mate’ but of all the things that isn’t fair right now is the fact that the girl I love was standing here 10 minutes ago kissing a guy that she barely knows.”

“Look it wasn’t her fault alright! It was me that kissed her first, I didn’t know she was with someone alright, im sorry. If I had known I wouldn’t have done it” finally he said something that might actually help.

“Did she kiss you back?”

“Say no” I thought “just say no, don’t say yes!”

“Well umm…maybe she did, a little bit”

That did it, before anyone else could say anything Jake had morphed into his wolf and was charging towards Mathew. I ran up and grabbed Ness and pulled her away. I couldn’t tell who was winning, it was all just a blur. None of us knew what to do, but then we heard a cry of pain and Mathews arm came flying towards us and landed at our feet.

“Dad!” shouted Ness “Dad help Mathew! Jakes going to kill him! Please!” she started crying. It became obvious now that if Jacob asked her to choose again, she was going to choose Mathew.

Edward looked over at Emmett and Jasper, they both nodded and ran over to Jacob and Mathew. I couldn't stand this, it was three against one, what if Jake got hurt? But before i could worry too much about it Jacob was thrown back into the woods by Emmett, he started to run back, I couldnt take this anymore so i ran inbetween everyone and Jacob. I had to stop this fight, someone was going to end up getting hurt, or worse, dying.


"Jake stop!" I shouted "If you want to get to them your going to have to kill me first! Come on!" i knew that he wouldnt hurt me and right enough he stoped and stared at me. His eyes told me he was fighting with the desire to kill Mathew and not wanting to hurt me.


"Believe me Jake i know how you feel but please, think about what you are doing. Do you really think that hurting Mathew is going to make it better? Make it hurt less because it wont. You love Ness, i know what she did was wrong, but please, dont hurt her like this. Please!"


He stared at me and them he turned and stared at Ness. I could see the pain in his eyes, I dont think he is going to be able to get over her and i didnt want to think about what he is going to do, i just didnt want my daughter to hurt anymore, and if that ment i had to let my best friend go on hurting, then i will do that.


We stayed frozen for a long time, i was waiting on Jacob moving, and after another 10 minutes of just standing there, Jake let out a howl of sheer pain and turned around and ran.


"Jake!" shouted Ness.


"Dont bother Ness, he isnt coming back this time." said Edward walking over to her.


In the past Jacob had always came back but this time i knew, no matter if i went to him and begged him, he wasnt going to come back, this family had broken him for the last time.


And there was no way i could piece him back together again.

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