personally, I think Eclipse is the best so far. 
I was really satisfied when I exited from the movie. it's really awesome. 
but, of course, I have things I liked more and things I didn´t like at all: 

*LOVE the meadow. It was just so beautiful, and, for the first time, it looked REAL! loved it. 
*LOVE how Edward looked (duh, lol). He wasn't over made up. he looked very hot *-* 
*LOVE the tent scene. they made it just like I amagied it. it was awesome! 
*LOVE all the BELLA&EDWARD'S moments. they're so romantic and touching <3 

that's all for the things I liked. (of course there's more. I just don't want to bore you with the whole list, lol). and now, for the hate: 

*HATE when Bella left Edward and went to ride with Jacob in the parking lot! that was so mean!!! 
and Bella would never do that! 
*HATE the all BELLA&JACOB'S moments. that was just worng! (as you can see, I'm team Edward :P) 
*HATE how they made Bella. i don't know... I felt like that David is team Jacob. it looked like she likes Jacob MORE than Edward! 

well, that's all, I guess. all the things that I hated are sort of specific (they are all concentrating on Jacob, lol).

I'll really like to read yours :)) 


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I loved the Edward and Bella momments, especially when they were alone at the Cullen house she tries to seduce and he proposes. I every that stephani said but I also loved when Edward go angry! I liked the fact that there was humor. Bella and Edward were like a real couple...




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