Have You Been Imprinted by The Twilight Saga's?


Have You Been Imprinted by The Twilight Saga's?

Have YOU been "Imprinted" by the Twilight Saga's? You don't have to be on Jacob's Team or Edward's Team to join this Forum. This is a Question to Answer, so look within your soul and be TRUE to YOURSELF!

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Has the Twilight Saga's Imprinted upon you?

Ok, before you jump to any conclusions and claim that you are a "Team Edward" Fan that is not what this is about. I am also a "Team Edward" Fan. This is about how the "Twilight Sagas" has affected…Continue

Started by MNTwilightMom Aug 11, 2009.

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Comment by MNTwilightMom on August 13, 2009 at 7:44am
Hi Everybody,
I'm going to start the Discussion w/ my story on how the Twilight Saga's has "Imprinted on my Life". I was first introduced to Twilight this year @ Easter by my son who is 11 years old. When I first saw the movie, I was totally blown away. It was such a total Love story that it put a lump in my throat I couldn't even swallow whole. The movie itself made me Cry, made me laugh, made me wonder...is there really "True Love out in this World?" I've never had such a movie impact me so much like this one did, it was kinda weird, because it was..."just a movie". I mean it was "All Fiction" I mean I'm an adult women, married w/ 3 kid's! What was it that made me feel coonected w/ this movie? Why...I've asked myself this same question many times...and you know I still don't have the answers. And I can honestly say I don't know if I'll ever have all the answers to my puzzling questions. I don't know if I really want them either! The movie touched me in ways that made me feel 1 w/ the characters. The movie touched my soul and made me want to know more about each and everyone of them. It wanted me to know more about this "Love" that was so special between these two very different people, how could if possible work...but it did! It clicked and worked for them...they found a Love that was indestructable and stronger than I could ever imagine. That made me jealous...jealous of two characters that were made up by a very talented writer. That blew my mind away.
On another note.....
I went out that very same day and bought Book's 1 & 2 and read them. Not exactly sure what to expect? But I couldn't put them down....These books were written in such a way that they transformed me into believing that "True Love" is for everyone! When you read these book's you become one with these book's. You want to imagine being loved like that...WOW....that only happens once in a lifetime! To be loved unconditionally, with your faults set aside, and who cares what others think! The Love that you both share is all that matters, the bond that you both share is all that matters...now that is true love!
Now don't get me wrong, I love my husband dearly! I would walk to the end of the earth for him, but to have an "Edward" love you the way he "Loves" Bella would be a "Dream" of a "Dream". To have someone change your whole perspective on how you see the world, your own life, your own way of living, the way you breathe the air, or even walk this earth...that would be something!
I know that these are all fantasies of my "Dream" that I wish and belong to when I read and re-read the Saga's or re-watch the movie....but these are my "Dream's" These are my fantasies, my wishes, and most of all nobody can take them away!
Yes, you might say I'm a total Addict when it comes to the Twilight Saga's..I'll admit to it..I'm not afraid! I'll take any and all razzing from everybody because I'll stand proud and say, "YES, I'm a "HUGE TWILIGHT FAN"...What would you like to know? I'll even admit that I keep lcose tab's on ALL the upcoming news on a daily basis and have over 1000 pictures on my computer of the Twilight Saga's that vary from, Rob, Taylor, Peter, Bella, Rose, Alice, Jasper, And so on, New Moon, Twilight, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Morning Sun (I know it's not Out) and I could go on. I have fan trailers, Original Trailers from Twilight & New Moon. (Ok, I have just about everything I could possible find on-line for all the Saga's).
So that's how the Twilight Saga's have Imprinted on my life. Thanks for letting me share my story. Please share yours
Comment by MNTwilightMom on August 13, 2009 at 7:11am
First of all I want to Thank Everybody who has choosen to join my group:-) This is my first group that I decided to make, so I didn't know how it would revolve, honestly. And I'm sure everybody who has joined so far is very aware that I have NOT left my comment or story on how, "I was Imprinted by the Twiligth Saga's?" The reason for this is because I wanted to see how this whole Group discussion would turn out. So I guess you can say I put some "Feeler's" out first to see if I got any bitter's...I did so it's time for me to take the first step and start the discussion rolling.

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