I am currently re reading Breaking Dawn, and I was thinking about how they were going to get all of this in the movies. I am little nervous about some certain parts of the books. I mean, the obvious is the Honeymoon, but there are also a few others too. I am looking forward to the Imprinting between Jacob and Renesme, and also the cabin! I just read it, and I want that part to go perfectly!! Anyone else having anything they are nervous/anxious/excited about seeing???

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Do we really have to wait that long!!! It seems so far away. I ust about to start a re-read of Breaking Dawn also. I'm looking forward to the wedding, all of Isle Esme, the first night in the cottage & the final battle.
I'm terribly anxious to see how they manage to fit even the more important details into the two movies - especially how in the world they are going to pull off a believable (and hopefully not completely CGI) Renesmee. There is just so much going on in that book, most of which I really want in the movies. I especially want to see how the POV switch with Jacob will work, and I really hope they show quite a bit of the other Vampires and their special abilities - I loved that part of the book.

As for the stopping point for movie 1, I would think it will be right after the birth. I'd actually love to have the birth scene going on, and Bella's heart stop, Jacob walking downstairs and then perhaps hear Bella's heart start again being the end. I know it's got to be somewhere around there - it's the most logical stopping point for the first movie.
i have read all the books twice... just started for the 3rd time. it is such a long time to wait especially when you no you have to wait a year inbetween part 1 + 2!! i have no specific part i want to see as i really enjoyed the whole thing but i am very worried that they wont do the book justice. its very nerveracking! i would like to see a trailer come out around christmas so that at least i can watch that over and over lol




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