If you could would you..Be with Edward on some remote island, in the moutains with Jacob...or with another of the twlight guys. If so tell us. This isn't Team Jacob or Team Edward...I'm team Jasper lol

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i would be with edward, anywhere
I would rather be with the both of them!!
OMG!! I would be with both of them, who wouldn't want to be with them I mean there is eternity with, they can share me LOL
and I would be on a island or in the mountains wouldnt matter to me ... as long as they were with me
i prefer edward and the ocean anyday
There doesn't seem to be enough Team Jacobs to reply yet. I would love to be kept warm where ever by the 108.9degrees of hottness, MY Jacob.
I very much Team Jasper...but being kept warm by Jacob...sigh lol
Edward any day
okay!! this is a very hard........ let's see......nope! i'd rather be in the mountains with BOTH edward and jacob...... just chillin.......lmfo
mmmm... Edward, every time!
dnt mind being stuck on an island with jacob and edward we have so much fun lmao tey can share me lol!!!!
I agree with jess.....I'd be with Edward ANYWHERE!!! even in space......
To each his own. My preference would be to be with Alice. Any place, every place. Any time, every time, all of the time.




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