My husband was OK when I read the books, willing to watch the movies with me (a bit of a buzzkill if you ask me) and was all in all a good sport. Now that I'm staying up till 1 AM writing and reading fanfiction he's a little bemused. I try to tell him I am not alone. I think he believes you guys are figments of my imagination.

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haha hey Alizabeth the important thing is that your hubby is supportive even if hes a little bemused now :))

i'm not married but i'm with my bf for 5 years now and we are living together for 3 years so its kind of like marrige..
hes supportive too, he thinks i'm funny with my Twilight obsession, and he even came with me to the premier of NM
and he even know that i really like Rob... but what he doesn't know is that i'm in love with Edward/Rob haha
if he knew that i'm sure that he wouldn't be that supportive ... well hes not paining that much attentions any more
when i talk about Twilight and thats all the time haha :)) but i don't care couse i have all my twifriends to talk about Twilight and Edward and Rob :))

wow hon u should let him see your page in twifans and some groups, may be this group for Twilight addicted ladies...
he'll see we are not figments of your imaginations :)))) and u are definitely not alone with this obsession !!!!
I did it. Now he claims he is afraid that there are other crazies like me out there and that scares him. This inspires me for a new Discussion...
I am a newcomer to this group so I realize this reply is a bit late. But I had to say that my husband also doesn't quite get the whole phenomenon thing. I really think he does think it is just teenage girls, and the fact that there are some good looking guys who are the stars. He can never fully understand because he hasn't read the books (or many others for that matter ;) and he doesn't see how you can relate to someone fictional....He definitely appreciates my creative side and my need to dive into worlds that take me far away from he goes with it :) I have started reading the House of Night Novels, and the Vampire Academy Novels, and all the while he just smiles and lets me enjoy my time!
My husband introduced me to twilght and didnt expect me to be so obsessed with the whole thing. He is very patient when i come home with something twilght be it a book puzzle or game he really hasnt ever said dont you think your going a little to nuts over this? I feel bad for the women out there whose husbands or boyfriends arent as understanding as mine is about the wonderfull world of twilght im living in right now!!
My fiance is actually supportive, especially because he's a avid reader and I only read occasionally. He was thrilled that I was interested in the series and went with me to buy the books. He also bought the DVDs of Twilight and New Moon for me, and while he's not that interested in watching them he doesn't pick on me for watching them regularly. He even went with me to see Eclipse in the theater, and enjoyed it. Mainly because he enjoys Jasper's character and fight scenes. So, I'd say he's not quite a fan of the series/movies, but he knows it's very important to me and humors me with character/story discussions. ;)
My Husband Hates Twilight And All Things That Lead To It. He Makes Fun Of It Just To See Me Get Mad At Him. I Wish He Would Just Read The Books Because He Dosent Understand The Story Or Anything Else. Ahhhhhhh He Makes Me Want To Pull My Hair Out, But I Can't Love Him Any Less, I Can't Live w/o Him..
He doesn't mind the Twilight part, but I haven't shared the Robsession. Don't think he'd be a fan.




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