Okay people we need a new discussion. I'd like to know why it is that we all love this series so much. What has us so addicted? Why do you love the books so much?

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Everything about this series has me addicted! from the characters, The way you can relate to peices of all the characters! character chemistry, The Romance, Action, Storyline. Everything about the series makes it impossible for me to put them down!
Everything about this series has me addicted! The fact that people can relate to Bella, the relationship between Bella and Edward, the friendship/love between Bella and Jacob, the friendship Bella and Alice have together, the fact that you can love both Jacob and Edward in some way.........everything about it is awesome!

I know that books are about vampires but that fact that you can relate somewhat to the relationships that go along with the books is amazing! On one hand you have the love that Bella and Edward have for eachother which is kind of that forbibben LOVE.......you love him but you know that there is something about him that is bad. Then you have the love that Bella and Jacob have for eachother.......it's a friendship and turns into something else but you don't want to ruin that friendship by making the LOVE into something!

I just think that around these BOOKS are amazing! I love the fact that I can read them over and over again and NOT get sick of reading them. I can cry or laugh at the same parts even though I know it's coming! TWILIGHT JUST ROCKS!
For me, the thing about these books is that they connect to me. In the biggest way, I think Edward reminds me of my husband and that's what draws me in. No, my husband is not a vampire, but it's the way he treats me that reminds me of Edward. Plus, Edward has that dreaminess about him. As a whole, I think the books have a bit of everything and that's why they are pulling so many people to them--of all ages, boys and girls.
i love them because of Edward and Balla's relationship,
the chemestry between them
and all the adventures they have
and all the CUllen family, they're all
so ggreat alice, the best friend in the world
Carlisle, the sexiest most intelligent and compasive doctor
in the world, esme the best mom in the world,
emmet,the funniest guy
jasper, with his horrible past makes you feel fond of him
and rosalie deep inside is a good girl

For the obvious reasons, I can relate myself to the characters. And I learn from some of the good qualities that they have. Like Edward, Bella, Jake, Carlisle, Alice, Esme.. they all hold a very good value which could actually bring impact on the person reading the books. Other than that, it's all the normal stuff like, the love between Bella and Edward. The irritation felt when Jacob kissed Bella, the funny funny scenes, the scenes that takes my breath away(I'm actually waiting for the time my heart would eventually stop beating.).
Of all the books that I have set my hands on, I've never felt hooked like this before. I could always put a book down when I feel the need to do my homework, to watch TV, to answer a phone call. But this, I'd rather hold myself from going to the bathroom to answer 'the call of nature' rather than putting the book down! I think it's a matter of NEED TO KNOW. The characters in this book, I hold a very huge amount of interest towards them. And I have a very strong affection towards Edward Cullen. *SMILES*

Just like what it says on the cover of the books, it will stay with you long after you have turned the final page. It has, very much stayed with me. I like comparing other love stories with Twilight. I like the fact that even when I know that the guy I like does not know how I feel(whoops, too much information here :P), I can still lie on my bed with the book stuck right in front of my nose. That's what makes this book so special. I value it more than I value any other guys I tend to have a crush on. Hahah!

Easy to say, it's the journey through reading the books. Even after reading it, I feel so happy when I see the four black, red, and white books aligned on my shelf. I love them :D

I have read all the books 3 times (back to back) now and i thought that would be it i could have a little twilight break...but noooo!!!
I lent Twilight to a friend to read and got it back this evening, I was at work (working very hard i might add) and the book was just sitting there on my desk, teasing me, tempting me and i couldn't help myself!!! I started again!!
The story just sucks you in and the characters, you cant help but fall in love with them! Some people knock stephenie meyers writing skills but that woman knows how to write a story that you just dont want to put down!!
I have introduced various people to the twilight world who dont usually read books and they are now caught in the trap...hook, line and sinker!!! It is an addiction and if there is a cure i dont think that i want it!!!
I think first of all Stephenie's writing... second the story is amazing and has a little of everything: drama, comedy, romance, action... third I think we can relate to the characters because we all have a little bit of everyone... forth I think the 'impossible love' between Bella and Edward 'catches' our attention and makes wanting to know what would happend.

It's Twilight.. I think that says it all.
I was going to ask the same thing!
I was also wondering why people like Twilight so much, especially beacuse i'm doing an English Project about it.

I think Twilight is just amazing. The way Stephenie Meyer writes makes reading it an enormous pleasure; she has a great sense of humor. Plus, Bella is a normal teenager, like most of us, and the fact that something so fantastic happened to her, makes us kinda believe that something similar might just happen to us too.
Twilight is a great escape from our own, sometimes sad and boring, reality.
And obviously Edward is quite irresistible.
i dont really know but i love the story in the books you know a romance/horror story
This is a classic love story told with a sort of Sci-Fi twist. The story of first love, Bella finding it at 17 and Edward finding it after 70 or 80 years of being 17, is so amazing. I've read romance novels in the past and they are usually cheesy one time thrills, at best. I've never read a book like this that made me want to go back and read it again. The situations that Bella finds herself in are just too surreal for one human to go through. And each one either puts her closer to getting what she wants or becomes a barrier to it. I saw the movie before reading the books and I thought that it was a shame that Edward didn't just let her turn into a vampire after James bit her. But after reading the books, I'm glad he didn't or that would have ended the story there. Maybe there would have been a sequel, but it probably would have been kind of boring and wouldn't have had all the turmoil that the last 3 books had. I know some people didn't care for Breaking Dawn because they felt like Stephanie wrapped everything up so nicely and everyone got what they wanted, but I liked that book alot. What I felt while reading it was that as Bella became a Vampire, Edward became more human. As a father and husband he finally had a piece of the human life he was robbed of so many decades before. He was finally complete. Edward is one of the most romantic characters in literary history. He is the ultimate dream guy for all of us! I plan on re-reading these books for a very long time and I hope she continues with the story!
I honestly believe that it has a lot to do with edwards character. How many vamps could you actually name off that could fall in love with a human? Except of course Angel from the Buffy series. But you could use that as an example cuz he turned evil after being with his true love. . . Which leads me to Edward and Bella. I think him not being able to read her mind is like foreplay for him. He wants her bad and cant touch her, he wants to know what she is thinking about and he cant. She is a giant tease when it comes to Edward. Stephanie is an awesome writer too, she sucks you right in. Like you are there. I love these books!!
i'm in the process of starting the series for the fourth time...smh...and i plan to really analyze the first chapter. for me that's where it all starts. whatever lead to the addiction started in the beginning. I wouldn't have continued if i wasn't drawn into the first chapter. and anyone i tell to read the series...i always say, "here just read the first book...just read the first chapter. you don't like it, put it down."....they never put it down after the first chapter. so i think my answer is there. i agree with what many are saying: relating to Bella, the love between Edward and Bella, the humor, the pain, the relationships, the action, the chemistry...yes yes....but those things happened as we continued to read...something is in the first chapter.....hmmmmmm




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