Even though the break up seen will cause me to cry that is the part I am most excited to see. Kristen and Robert both seem very proud of how it turned out and I think it is the most important part of the story. Bella and Edward know at that point how much they love each other but they truly don't realize how deep and how much they have to have each other until they both try to exist apart. Until you lose something you truly don't appreciate it for all it is worth. That scene will stir some really raw emotions in everyone that watches it.

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im ont realy shore what sceen i want 2 see the most there all good
The break scene. I'm sure this scene will be very intense and I will cry !!!
I'm also excited to see all the scene with the wolfs ! :)
im really lookin forward to chapter 23, when edward explains why he left, i thing that it will be really good in the movie, and the cliff diving scene will be exciting :P
I would like to see when bella wakes up and she thinks she dreaming ....again....but Edward trys to make her understand that he's real and he loves her and they talk for awhile and then bella wants to go to the cullen place to have a vote to make her part of the family and a vampire.........then edward smashes the big t.v....they might have something like that in the movie...we'll see......only 7 more days.....(smile)
I know the wolves are going to be amazing, huge and ferocious. All the special effects to bring the book to life. I suppose I will have to bring Kleenex for the breakup scene....been there...I know how awful that is. Poor Bella!!!




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