It was actually my first series that i ever read and liked. I kept reading and i couldnt stop. I realised i couldnt even stop talking about it with my friend. Its a great book. I like how edward takes care of bella and how they just cant be without each other. Its so interesting. I just love it.

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I startered reading it in 4th grade. and i can't stop and i'm already in 6th grade
the intentsity of the details and the i became attached to the characters,

Everyone in my school has read the books and at first i thought they were going to suckbut i finished the first one in like 2 days. Its one of my favorite series.
daz rite...I was simply hoping that it ends wid a happy ending when i read the Eclipse.. The love story is completely addictive!!

xo ` ; ryan&&alicecullen <3 said:
my best friend recommended it to me last year and i totally didnt want to read it, i took the book anyway. i had it on my desk for few days then she started to get a bit angry and forced me to read it i said 2 chapters and ill see. now ive read the series 3 times and im a guy.. its just the love bond, the whole story about bella and edward, its great to read a happy ending and a nice novel bout a perfect family.
i heard about it from my friend i stated reading it and its great.
I actually saw the movie (Twilight) with my cousin, who had already read it. She begged me to go with her to the movie, and I gave in....I am so glad that I did! I then read all four books in about 3 weeks....I have a hard time describing what has me all giddy about vampires that glitter and werewolves who are running around half naked...I just know that I was hooked from the moment I read the first line. I feel like it takes me back to when I was falling in love (or so I thought) and so passionate about that one person. Unfortunately, I relate to Jacobs feelings of loving someone that loved me but just not enough....there was always someone else. I don't know how Stephanie Meyer did it, but she did it OH SO RIGHT! I am so thankful for that, for giving me something to be excited about, and passionate about, giving me an icebreaker for meeting some of the best people, that I wouldn't of otherwise met!!!....I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!




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