can you choose the best twilight book or not????????????????????????????????????????????????

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I love all 4 books but for me, my fav is Breaking Dawn..
I completely agree!! Well said :)

tabatha said:
My favorite was New Moon-it was so full of emotion and to have to choose between two good things. For me it was the best.
I loved New Moon! I could just relate more to Jacobs feelings and loved how their relationship really developed :)
I think I like Twilight and Eclipse most. I really love Breaking Dawn and New Moon too, but, well, New Moon is fabulous in the begining and end, its just that in the middle it keeps going on about werewolves and I get irritated with them. And that part in Breaking Dawn were Jacob is talking irritates me too, though it gets really good later. So New Moon is the one I like least. But I still absolutely love them all!!!!!!!
My favorite book is definitely Breaking Dawn in my opinion it's the BEST BOOK EVER!!!!
forget romeo and juliet, EDWARD AND BELLA! Well actualy, i prefer JACOB AND RENESMEE, coz the initials r the same. And i'm so team jake. Forever. Till my heart stops beating. Anyway, i love every book for different reasons. twilight coz it was the first one and it got me sucked straight into the best world ever. i will never regret picking that book up in waterstones, EVER. new moon, because bella was able to see past edward and spot jacob and another life she could have. Like bella says, perspective is good. And we got properly introduced to jacob and the wolf pack, which is the best thing ever. Just call me wolfgirl. Eclipse coz its the climax of the love triangle, and there is some really romantic bits in it, like the proposal, and jacob and bellas kiss, and the bits where jake says "i'm in love with you and i want you to pick me instead of him" and "you have to consider the idea that i might be better for her than you are" and the bit that made my heart bleed "i'll always be waiting in the wings. You'll always have that spare option if you need it". And then breaking dawn, the wedding, the baby, the transformation, the imprint of all imprints, the talents, the final battle, and the happy ever after (quite literally). And you get to see the middle third of it in jacobs perspective, which i thought was AMAZING. But in the end, my favourite always winds up being eclipse, partly coz this is taylor lautners fave book also (my future husband, sorry ladies) but mostly because it really does begin with a choice. Overall, you can plainly see that i'm addicted to the twilight saga and everything to do with it, i dream taylor and jacob dreams every night, i'm a die hard twifan, and a twilighter forever. Oh and did i mention this; and so the lion fell in love with the lamb, then the lion left: T E A M J A C O B 'till my heart stops beating. I run with the wolves. X :)
While I really enjoyed all 4 books, Breaking Dawn is my absolute favorite of the series. There's just so much going on that it was terribly difficult for me to put the book down! I can actually say that for all four books, but BD really stands out for me.
NO i cant they r ALL AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but if i had 2 choose...... it would have 2 b breaking dawn
Honestly loved them all, but I think Twilight really, really got me!!! Then the movie and I was hooked!!!!
Breaking Dawn Is The Best Out Of All Four.. Cant Wait For The Movie




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