every conversation you have with ANY random and non random person circles back to Twilight.

You also you Edward would or wouldn't do that frequently.

Or add in more details about Twilight when you think your friend isn't doing it justice when trying to recruit newborns!!!

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well im addicted all those have Happened to me! SCARY!
Rhiannon AKA Mrs.Edward.Cullen said:
your heart leaps when you see a silver volvo drive by
you think about him all day (AND PROUD OF IT)
you remember everything he says
you stealth around pretending youre a vampire
you want to play baseball in a thunderstrom
you drink cranberry juice... just to pretend
you doodle his name
you cant put the book down if hes a part of it
you hunt mountain lion
you compare every guy to edward
you hate rosalie!!
you pretend to read minds
you run really fast (or at least try to)
you feel bad for charlie
you love meadows
you suspect people of being vampires
you think that pale is the new tan
you use twilight related affairs in homework assignments -such as vocabulary sentences
you google his character even though he isn't real
you always have one of the books on hand
you spend countless hours on fanfiction
stepheniemeyer.com is your homepage
you quote the book in everyday conversation
you fantisize about fangs
you spend rainy days pretending to be in Forks
you will name your first born, boy/girl, after a character
you downloaded "Clair De Lune"
you friended Edward Cullen on facebook (or some other social networking site)
you casually migrate away from redheads in a crowd (no offence meant :L)
you are afraid of ballet studios

i did most of dat
When you try to make everyone you meet read the books cause they really dont know what they are missing!!!
You wear nice pjamas in case Edward comes into you're room I don't do this!
You wear you're foundation two shades lighter. I don't do this!
You invested in an entire new vampire make-up look, sparklyness included I do this!
When you're school has a book week and you need to do a review you just prattle on about TTS for about a page. I will do this!
You search for all the actors/actresses contact details but don't get around to sending them something because you're too busy on Twilight forums I do this!
You got an issue of sugar just because it had a huge Twilight poster and then you got it laminated. I did this!
You're are scared of you're friend Vicky. And the guy named James in you're class.I just avoid James
lol. I know I will do it because my school DEART (Originally drop everything and read. I changed it to drop everything and read Twilight)
When you just read Twilight over and over again and if you have to read any other book you just read Twilight Saga again once you finished to give yourself some good reading because Twilight is THE book.

When you wish for rain so that Edward can come out!

When you say to your friends: "Or you read Twilight or I won't talk to you again!"

When you spend more time in Twilight Forums that with your family!

When you can't fall asleep without reading Twilight. (this REALLY happens to me!)
When you stop getting grounded from the cell phone & start getting grounded from your twilight books. :)
You know your addicted when you tell your mum you dont want to go to the beach this summer cause your to tan already. Your sister asks you to look up spells on how to turn into a vampire and you do it no questions asked [You wish you had of thought of that] Your parents banned you from the computer because you got suspended for trying to break the restrictions on websites at school because you wanted to know the realease date for the DVD so bad and when you stayed up all night reading Midnight Sun [Or what there is of it] and forgot you had to go to an important game the next day and your team had to forfit cause you were too tired to play oh and when you tried to bribe your friend in America to get you Autographs from all the stars by saying you will give her $1000 but she`s still to shy to do it and she wont do it out of love for you.
i NEVER stop thinking of twilight. i came up with a way to bring it into every school subject and i randomly say a line from the books!
you know you are addicted to twilight if you have dreams about robert pattinson, more than once, ahem
Im soooooooo addicted. Some say im on the verge of needing professional help!! lol
You know that your obsessed if you lose friends by talking about 'Twilight'.
You pretend your a vampire and ddon't eat or sleep.




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