what is it that makes you love Edward cullen? not just because of his good looks or because

he loves bella this is a place were you can post pictures of our beloved Edward and tell me why

is it that makes you love Edward Cullen.

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Why I love Edward!~

Edward's the type that you can feel safe with, he has a way of being "that kind of guy"  most girl's look at his character and say "damn he's pretty cute TEAM EDWARD" well he's not there to make all the girl's drool over him he has a reason, he's that one special guy who's never wrong and makes sure your okay. I love him for his discreet personality and his unique way's not cause he's hot. Yeah people make fun of him calling him a "fairy" but you know what he's not a fairy... he's a made up character yea... but still he has feelings like you and me and he's not afraid to be the one to stand out he has a reason to be there not cause he was told to. Like I said he's a character not some piece of trash that you forget it's the way he move's talks and him just being there is perfect. I'am Team Edward not because Jacob is a dog, or a mutt hey he's pretty cool but Edward has class, and a better heart, well I think so anyway's I believe that Edward is the man with no soul but with a heart! He's the one guy you can't stop thinking about, he's the one you want to love ~Robstenfan8 

im team edward because edward is such a gentleman. He knew that it  would be dangerous for bella to be his girlfriend but it made her happy. Edward only wants for bella to be hapy in her lifetime and when edward left in new moon bella was torn apart and edward could see that she only wanted him. He is extremely loving and even though he is a vampire bella feels very safe with him. He is extremely protective and wants to keep bella safe at all times but will blame himself if any harm comes to her. Edward is best for bella because even though he may be a vampire he is perfect for bella and loves and protects her the way a boyfriend should. Jacob on the other hand is full of jealousy and will not respect bellas opinion that she wants to be with edward not him. Jacob was angry with bella in eclipse and was threatening to kill himself because bella was going to marry edward and bella had to let jacob kiss her to stop him. This is unfair because he put bella in a difficult position and she loves him as a best friend but she does not want to be with him and he does no respect. Although jacob is a very good best friend to bella i defintely think edward is the best because he has such a kind heart and thats why i love him so so so so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much !!!




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