Let's face it. Humans are pretty cool. I guess. Look at all the stuff we get to do!

1.) Eat. Sure sure, maybe shape-shifters, (why can't i just say werewolves? it sounds cooler.) can eat too, but they eat so much one wonders how many sit ups you have to do to burn off multiple packages of hot dogs, a full two-liter of root beer,and a family sized bag of chips. And i like to chew my food, not drink it. (if you catch my drift...)

2.) Sleep. Who doesn't love a good nap? The pack barely gets any sleep, running around as they do, and vampires just don't. Sleep is great. Keeps you perky.

3.) NOT burst out of our skin and sprout fur when we lose our tempers. The worst we can do is like, smash pottery or something. Could be worse.

So list what makes being human great. What foods would you hate to give up if turned into a vampire? What would you hate most about being a shape-shifter (*cough* WEREWOLF) Maybe list what you would kill if you didn't get your nightly 8 hours. I don't know. Just reply, people!

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I think what I would hate most about being ah were..er I mean shape-shifter is having to carry an extra set of clothes with me. Also, being half naked 50 percent of the time would kinda suck too.
Humans are awesome!

Firstly if you were a vampire you wouldn't be able to eat all those delicious treats that are on offer (chocolate!) however if you were a shape-shifter (it is kind of weird calling them that, they look like werewolves for hale's sake!) you'd eat them at such massive excess that you wouldn't be able to appreciate the food properly and with their huge appetite there might not be enough to satisfy!

Secondly, no sleep. Hello? Bags. Not good. And also when you sleep you can dream. What kind of depressing world would it be without dreams and some good old snoring? XD

Thirdly, if you were a vampire, the obvious one, you'd kill people (or at least want to) and who in their right minds wants to kill innocent people? And no matter if you were a vegetarian you'd still most probably slip up or get highly tempted too. Nah no thanks, I'm happy being a normal defenseless human! =)




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