I honestly can't choose!who do you like, though?

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well..i am team switzerland. this is between edward and jake though, cuz i LOVE rob in real life. hehe. but yeah i am team switzerland...i am neutral. lol

this is why i like jake: he is a great friend who takes care of bella when she needs him most, he has bella's welbeing at heart all the time(even though we know edward is not dangerous), he has a warm smile, he gives bella refuge and saves her from victoria in the water (new moon), he sounds sexy. lol. had to throw that last one in there, he never gives up fighting for bella.

this is why i like edward: he dazzles you, hes the perfect man...even if he is a vampire lol makes him all the more sexy, he loves bella more than i think anyone else could love another person, he is a tortured soul, he makes you believe in vampires, he's romantic :)

theres probably more for both that i love about them. both characters are amazing and have good and bad qualities. but thats my little entry thingy. xxxxx
i really like both but........i really dont know who id pick!!!!there both so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacob more than edward...lol

Jacob loves bella because of who she is. NOT because he can smell her blood.(not saying Ed doesn't love her for her) His first attraction to Bella was NOT to eat her. (hopefully lmao). He's undeniably sexy. I would rather know that my soul mate won't just go off and bite another person...lol
i love them both- i would choose edward in the end-but i would also never be able to dismiss jacob-because he is such a devoted friend even when he knows Bella can never love him as much as Edward he always stays by her side! Edward though is who Bella is meant for and only he can love you forever :)
I can't decide you I like better? It's too hard! :P I am Team Switzerland...BUT there are some things that I like and don't like about them...
Why I pick Jake: He was always a good friend to Bella, HE"S HOT!, he saves Bella from Victoria, he's always with Bella when she was sad, he's always there for her, he has a warm smile
Why I wouldn't pick: He threatened to kill himself just so Bella would kiss him!!, and he told Bella that they can't hang out with each other because he was a werewolf now!

Why I pick Edward: He dazzles you, he's romantic, he didn't threaten to kill himself just to kiss Bella, HE"S HOT!, he gives you anything you want, he's polite, he believes Bella when she says that the werewolves are safe to be around, he's protective, he makes you believe in vampires, always stay by Bella's side, he'll love Bella forever
Why I wouldn't pick Edward: He left Bella because he wanted her to have a chance at a normal life..... :'(
i dont know there both so sexy i think they both are great guys and i love them both! but i think edward wins on this one!!! love melissa
I love Edward but when I see more of Jacob hot Body, My heart melts.




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