Ok girls, if you had only one hour to spend with Edward, what would you say to him? Let it all out!!

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Definately, CHANGE ME!!, but I'd also want to touch his hair, and touch his face like Bella did in Twilight (I'm reading it again for the millionth time!) Touch his face, all his features, that incredible jawline and those cheekbones.....OMG! And it would have to be all the physical stuff I could do in one hour!!!!
But if there was a Edward then there would also be a Bella (so no skipping the questions :P)... so I'd just be asking him to change me lol!

just one hour?

it would take longer for me to be able to even form a coherent thought let alone be able to speak.

hmmmmm,i honestly don't know if i would be able to speak. He's just sooooooooooooo hot.

oh crap,and i gotta remind myself to breathe.

wow,so much,so little time.

Ummm, most likely i would just sit there trying to form a coherent thought then at least introduce myself. It would all go great, unless he smiles that crooked smile. That would be the end of me, I'd melt right on the spot right into silly puddy. Oh god, just one look in the eyes and i would be all ready for heaven.

Why one hour how about 1 week but if i had one hour i would want to ask him questions for 20min  kiss him for 20 min then the last 20min i would be in agonizing pain in the procees of becoming a vamp




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