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I feel like they exist or may have existed in the past. I don't think people for centuries ago had so much time on their hand that they just made up all the legends off their head. Plus-how does someone just think of that?
I agree that it seems impossible that someone could just think it up and then it being a superstition known the world over...for me that is hard to believe

but i also find it hard to believe that the exsistence of vampires could be possible

I find that most things are rooted in fact. I don't know if they exist or not, maybe it was just some sort of true story about a group of people that got distorted. I've never researched it myself, but most things come from somewhere. Who knows, just like in the book, how hard is it to believe that God created the dolphin with the killer whale and not believe that there could be a race of beings just as deadly to us as the whale is to the dolphin. We may never know.
Hells yeah I do,
and I'm probably a freak for it but you know what you have to have a little bit of fantasy in every reality.
If there are really vampires I imagine that they would either live like the Cullens if that's how they are or that ( for those who have read the Anne Rice series) would be like the vampire Lastat (spelling?).
and also most things that I have researched on the topic, because I'm a vampire freak, a lot of the stories/myths cames from the Egyptions and how they supposedly had people who would drink the blood of others.
I had also seen a story about a woman in Romania who thought that the blood of virgin girls would save her youth and therefore she would bath in and drink her virgin "slaves" blood.
I believe that there probably have been people who behaved in strange ways in the past and did things like drink blood but I dont think I believe in immortals with superhuman strength etc.... that live amoungst us
yes i believe in vamps..either they exsist now or they did.either way they are still awsome!!!
hmmm wel religiously no, but personally i think there are SO many myths and legends about these creatures so there must be something that started it off but tbh i dnt think thers any like the cullens or vamps in twilight or like the Anne Rice novels and defo not Dracula. cuz it would catch SOMEBODY's attention if individuals were going arnd drinking ppls blood. i reckon the myths started off because of some disturbed people who deluded themselves into thinking they could only live off human blood - like that hungarian woman in the guiness world records who bathed in blood to "retain her youth".
BUT if you are a vampire and you're reading this.... come over 2 my place!!! XD
um,in my fantasy and dreams they exist xD
but,in the reallity .. hm.. i dont know,i hope so (:
humm Ok, I believe in vampires, but maybe the reason is that I want they could be real... but ok all the histories came of some reality so? think about it, vampires could exist... I hope they do! and I really want to find them if they do!
I dont know what to believe! I really want them to be real but its just hard to imagine!! plus i dream about meeting the Cullens! lol : )
I believe they do or once did exist becus I dont believe a long time ago no one had anything to do so they made up a bunch of stuff and decided to name them vampires thats a lil hard to believe.. i know people do drink blood and follow the same things a vampire would do but they whole garlic thing is a myth..
I strongly believe in vampires, they are the only *mythical* creature that is in ever culture, all over the world,
in some form or another.





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