Do you think they showed enough of the Cullens in the Twilight movie? Which Scenes that were in the book should have been in the movie?

I wish all the scenes from the book could have been in the movie.
I think they should have kept the scene with Carlise's history-where they explain the Voluturi.
There also wasn't enough of Emmet, Esme and Carlise.
Any other thoughts???

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i wanted them to have the blood type part...
and i agree with maddy skinner i wanted the whole second kiss faint and the proper meadow scene
and i wanted the part in the end when bella tells her mom that edward is just a crush.....

i think they should of added in the history.. so explan the Voluturi
and i think they could of put a little more on the rest of the cullens..

but i still loved the movie... .
I agree with the meadow scene, it should have been done more to the book.To me it didn't mke sence.
I didnt lke that the Cullens didnt have that many lines. They all should have had more, especially Alice because her part in the movie didn't make sence to me either! Emmett is one of my favorites and he had NO LINES! He had lines in the trailer that they cut out of the movie!! And another scene they should have kept was the hotel scene with Alice and Jasper! I felt like it was too rushed, AND i agree with Carlisle's history!

Hopefully in New Moon they will all have more lines. I can't wait until then!
They definitely did not show enough of the Cullens. I needed more of them. Probably two of my favorite scenes are the ones where all of the Cullens are present--when they cook her dinner and the baseball scene. I did miss the blood typing scene. That would have been hilarious on screen. I wonder why they cut it? I suppose in their heads they chose the movie to be about Bella and Edward and that's why so much other stuff got left out. I hope they don't do that in the other movies. As the books move along it's more about the family as a whole so they'll have to have bigger roles. I also missed Alice's line, "We thought you were having Bella for lunch and we came to see if you'd share" and also the part where Jasper tells Bella that she is worth it. Emmett did have some lines (remember in the kitchen scene?) just not enough of them.
I wish they could have done a proper meadow scene too, and the whole second kiss, Bella faints thing as well. I suppose all we can do is hope that they'll do a good job with NM. And if they don't, it's safe to say that we can blame Summit Entertainment . I mean so far, the only things that Summit has done that has made me even remotely happy, was confirming NM. Everything else, not so much.
And I agree on the the Cullens not having enough lines. There should have been more of a balance between the Cullens, and Edward and Bella.
I def agree with the blood typing, and second kiss faint, and the meadow(made very little sence)...also- I wish they would have done where the run to the clearing for the baseball game ~when he's trying to "tamper with her memory." that part really shows how vulnerable and overtaken Bella is by Edward. There wasn't much of that helplessness from her in the movie.
I'm just hoping that they have ALOT of extras and deleted scenes on the DVD and that New Moon is more strict to the book.
I agree that we can blame Summit if New Moon is not done correctly, but maybe(as much as I loved Catherine Hardwick for Twilight) but maybe, if New Moon comes out great! we should blame her and not Summit (for certain parts being cut out and things like that.) Let's hope Chris Weitz does a good job for New Moon!!! =)
They also needed more scenes where Bella was just dazed and "dazzled" by Edward. There wasn't much of that either.
I just realized that James didn't talk about how he had tried to kill Alice either! How did they skip that!?!
No i dont think so. The cut out Carlise history and i really wanted that in there. Alos the meadow scene was bad. And they left out some really good stuff. Like all the questions and the bio class stuff. It made me sad.
I didn't like the scene in the car either
and the fact that her guessing he was a vamp went by so quickly
Definitely not enough Cullens in the movie. I wish the back history parts were in. I wanted them to explain Jasper's special power. I wanted more of the time Jasper, Alice, and Bella spent together in the hotel.
Does anyone know why they didn't add Jasper's talent? They could have added it at the hotel when he says "you are worth it" to Bella and explain it there. I hate they left it out.
I deffo think that they shouldve shown more of the cullens. To be perfectly honest I was a little disappointed at how little they were in the movie. I was also disappointed at the whole thing of bella figuring out he was a vampire. I wanted the proper meadow scene, not practically all the info about vampires squashed into the one scene.

However I do think the movie was a good interpretation of the book in the short amount of time they had to get the story accross, but I would have happily sat through another few hours of Edward Cullen, meaning everything from tje book could then be transferred to the screen.

After all this complaining lol, I just want to say that I actually love the movie (but I just love the books a lot more :L)






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