What scenes from the book should definitely be in the movie? How do you feel about the rumor of there being more Edward in it than there was in the books?

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I hope most of the scenes are in the movie. The scene when Edward leaves if hopefully exactly or mostly the same as the book. I hope they show more of Bella's dreams. Also, when her and Jacob are on the motorcycles and she hears Edward's voice ini her head. And def. the same when Jacob is at Bellas house and picks up the phone and tells"Carlisle" that charlie's at a funeral when really it's Edward!!! and the scene withe the volturi and when he sees bella again- OH! and how he proposes to her wen they get back from italy and tells her that he's been without seeing her face for as long as he could manage and.......yea basically the whole book! lol
Also- I definitely(and it hurts to say this) don't want too much of Edward in New Moon. We are supposed to have just as little of him as Bella does-it's kinda the whole point of the book. lol
As much as i love Edward...i don't think there should be more of him in the film than in the book...that's practically the whole point of the story...him leaving then bella getting close to jacob etc

hmm the scenes i would definitely like to be in the movie are
1. the proper scene where Edward Leaves
2.the proper "cliff diving" scene
3. when jacob answers the phone in bella's house that makes Edward think Bella is dead
4. The proper scenes in italy
5. the proposal

there are loads more i want kept true to the book too :D

i think they should have alot of the parts from new moon..i liked twilight alot bc of edward but i liked new moon a lot more bc there was no edward.in new moon you get to meet Jacob personally and if they change it up they will have to change all the other movies bc jacob and the were wolves wouldnt fit in..oh ya..i am all for team edward!! just that i feel jacob has a major part from new moon and on..but i hate it when he calls renesme NESSIE!!! that gets old
the movie should start with Bella's dream, after the scene when they watch Romeo and Juliet, when Sam found Bella, When Bella enters is "nothing", when she went out with Jessica and heard Edward voice first time...again... and the change since her 4 months of nothing to "my Jacob" time... when they saw gays jumped for the cliffs... when she waited Jake and she finally decide jump....when she saw Carlisle car... when she saw Alice.... when she heard Alice and Charlie talk... the call...
when Alice lies to Jazz in the plain... when Bella runs in Volterra... When Edward think he's in the paradise... the part when Bella think she's dreaming .... vote.... Edward anger... the part where Edward tells her to marry him... and that's all I think..
obviously without the obvious parts...




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