If you could choose to be any one of the vamps from Twilight(good or bad)- which one would you be? And why?

I love them all myself but I might choose Alice. She so spunky and cool. And she can see the future! :)

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alice , because she gets to shop all the time . :D
probably esme. I've got a thing for doctors. ;)
i would want to be rose.... i just love the way that she is... i mean sure she is a meanie to bella but in a way i kinda understand her.... and she gets emmett and he is cute....
hmmm....i think i would pick Alice because she gets to shop so much and she gets a Porche 911 Turbo!!!AMAZING!!!
JANE! I have no idea why...well maybe I'm kinda of sadistic sometimes... XD
But really I'd totally want to be her. =)
I'd be Esme because everyone loves her--even the wolves have a hard time telling her no!
emmett ... he seems so fun!


I'd get Edward that way :D

I <3 him


Bella so I could be with Edward forever <3 but if I had to be an original Cullen it would be Alice!!!
this is soo hard..but..i have to say...Alice..she sees the future and she is just plain and simply AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alice for sure ,,, she is always cool ,calm and collected no matter what the situation . She is awesome :D
hm.. Alec <3
cause .. i love him xD
or maybe Bella,cause Edward loves her xD




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