(people who havn't read it) what do you say? How do you describe it?

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I find it really hard to describe it to people without giving anything from the books away. I say "it deals with vampires and humans...but you have to read it. i can't explain" lol
The way i explain it makes the story sound really pathetic...so now i don't even try to eplain it, i just somehow find a way of making that person read the book...a lot of persuasion involved :L
i find it hard to explain without making it a 5 hour discussion in detail while trying not to give anything away about it i just end up forcing people to read the books and that usualy work so i find that easier lol
I can't describe it. I was trying to tell my mother-in-law about it and all I could get out was that it was really awesome, Edward is hot, and it's not scary (speaking of the movie).
I just say that its centred around a girl called bella who moves to this rainy town called Forks, notices an unusual family at her high school, finds out their vamps and falls in love with one of them called Edward. READ IT NOW!
that should get them interested enough!
I cnt b bothered to go into his mind-reading and the whole her blood sings to him thing lol
I try to explain Twilight but I get entered that's the way I see Twilight, so now I say you have to read it to really know what's about, and how much magnificent it is..
when asked about TWILIGHT i seemed to jump straight to explaining BREAKING DAWN :S




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