Why is it that you prefer vampires over shape shifters and humans? What made you choose? Have you always leaned this way or was it these books that persuaded you?

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I've personally always been all about the vampires. Whether it was from Buffy, angel or Moonlight etc. But Twilight set it in stone for me!
i have always prefered vampires - i am not sure why! it might be because i dont really get along with people - i am shy and don't really talk much - although when i want to i can really really talk! and shapeshifters sound more scary - the twilight saga made me love vampires even more, make humans more boring and shapeshifters just weird! lol i love them all just vampires more I LOVE VAMPIRES! X X
Ive always had a thing 4 vampires. they are more sexy and seductive and i would willingly go to a vamp rather than some crazy howling man-wolf thing! i guess the movies hav always shown werewolves as more out of control and vicious with them llike tearing ppl apart and that but vamps just bite lol :P and hu wouldnt want some sexy guy 2 bite them on the neck!!!
in the Twilight world tho i would still go with the vamps but i do like the wolves too!!
i don't really know.... i think it was Edward :D

I always liked vampires. I thought they were so cool and just awesome! And werewolves/shapeshifters always seemed more weird and blah lol(-I wouldn't want to fall in love with a smelly dog! XD) And I agee with Anna~Humans seem really boring- especially after twilight. Plus- Edward and the vamps in the books definitely pushed me to a new level of vampire love. XD VAMPIRES ARE AMAZING!!!!! =) for as long as they live ;) (which is forever lol) =)
In the Twilight universe, why wouldn't you want to be a vampire. You are beautiful, strong, immortal, almost impossible to kill, you don't age, you get to drive fast expensive cars and best of all you don't HAVE to kill humans to survive.
For me, male vampires are the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. Everything the normal girl wants. They have that dangerous vibe that we all gravitate toward at one time or another. The female vampires are what we girls would love to be: beautiful and confident. They all have all the time in the world to explore what interests them. They have a mystery that surrounds them and that's intriguing. I have always been a vampire girl. I think I first fell for them when I read Christopher Pike's The Last Vampire. Have any of you read it? It's completely different from Twilight, well, Twilight is completely different from any other vampire story in general, but I'm in love with all of the Cullens--not just Edward.
idk why i just love them..expecially the cullens bc they are "vegitarians" i have always had a thing for them...all the movies i have seen most the vamps are pretty drop dead gourgaus
I've always like vampires, they were interesting and mysterious 4 me... But when i discovered Twilight, I opened my eyes, and saw the light, jeje well it wasn't sooooo dramatic what I really mean is that when I star reading Twilight I got really interested... and I discovered how much I love vampires... and Edward...
Vampires have been both monsters (30 days of night, The Lost boys 2, I Am Legend), and romantic (Twilight, Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Hunger), and they have been able to be both, not zombies, or werewolf's, when you think of a seductive
monster, you don't think of Frankenstein, or The Wolf Man, you think of Vampires, and there appeal, think about it,
stay young forever, be with the one you love, forever, it's like a win, win, I think Vampires ability to be both, very charming,
and scary when need be is what makes it so irresistible, and besides most vampires can choose whom they kill,
as Werewolf's are often portrayed they just turn into a wolf and go bat ^%$# crazy, vampire can love you, forever. 'Nuff said.
is more funny!!
Why not Vampires???
You can live forever while staying young!!!




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