How do you all feel about the terrible things that CONTINUE to be said about Michael,even after his death?

I get sick of all the terrible things that people CONTINUE to say about Michael.Even after his death

Michael Jackson was not only a singing,dancing,musical genius who revolutionized the music industry with his breakthrough performances,dance moves and state of the art music videos(which,if it wasnt for that-we wouldnt have music video channels, such as, VH1 ,MTV, OR BET). He was a great human being in every sense of the word. He gave billions of dollars to sick and hungry children all across the world throughout his lifetime and he showed us that each every person has the power to make this world a better place. All we gotta do is take a look at ourselves and "make a change".But, in spite of all that,he was a topic of many stories and scandals in the media throughout his life.And, sadly, these cruel allegations followed him,even, after his death.True, alot of the attention was drawn to him by his own doing. He drew attention himself through his eccentricities and led the media to believe and report things that were,in my opinion, ridiculously false.These eccentricities also led people to believe he was capable of certain allegations.Such as, the child molestation charges. Yes, he was, what SOCIETY has TURNED INTO being "unusually close to children".50 yrs ago, sharing your bed with a child would not be considered as unusual as it is today. Society has turned something as innocent as a bed into something sexual and sick, as opposed to what it really is-A place to sleep.He admitted sharing his bed with children. Child predators don't admit to something like that.They would deny anything that would give the impression that they did anything wrong. Michael,however, openly admitted it.I never believed Michael was guilty, for one moment. And here is why-From the age of 5 yrs old, he was in the spotlight. He never had a childhood that we, who are not famous, take for granted. It has been said that his father abused him.As much as Michael cared for children, I don't believe he would inflict that type of abuse on a child. And if you watch the documentary "This Is It", he is very shy and withdrawn when he is not on stage performing.A charactoristic of a victim, NOTa predator. All of his charisma and outgoing personality was poured into his music. He never learned how to associate and express himself any other way. This made him look strange in the publics eyes. But,in reality, he was never able to have a normal childhood. So,as an adult, he tried to live out his child hood through other children. The truth is that genuine kindness and generousity has become an unfamiliar concept in today's society. So, when it is actually shown by someone, society is so cynical that they assume that there must be some alterior motive behind it.In a taped phone conversation of the father of one of those boys, you can hear the father boasting and bragging about how much money he was going to get out of the settlement. This does not sound like a father who's son was molested.It sounds like a father who is using their child in order to go after someones money.Michael was ultimately acquitted. But, even so, the media still had a field day with the story and drew more and more attention to it which scarred Michael's reputation for the rest of his life.And even after his death.Another thing we should take into consideration is that almost every artistic genius through out history has had some degree of mental instability. But do we remember them for that? No.We remember them for what they were-Artistic geniuses.It does not make them bad people.The bottom line is that we don't have the right to judge someone about something we don't have all the facts about.When I think of Michael Jackson, I consider what I DO know about him. And that is that he was a kind and generous person who showed nothing but love to the world, it's children and his fans.He was a remarkable singer and dancer. The most talented performer the world has ever seen(even those who believe all the cruel things said about him cant deny that)That,we do know. And that is a fact.God bless Michael Jackson. You will be in our hearts and minds forever

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It makes me sick when people keep believing and continuing to talk about all the made up stuff about him even though he is at peace he is the most tallented passionate person in the world and i love how he cared for the enviroment so much because i love helping when it comes to our planet




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