Written by Melissa Rosenberg - twilight Eclipse - this is a scripte of twilight eclipse.this is truth scripte...Read and said me!

Edward teasingly pulls her book away, moves to kiss her. She Stops him --
BELLA : English final. Gotta focus.
--He grips, kisses her anyways. The SUN BRIEFLY COMES OUT from behind
clouds, causing Edward's skin to SPARKLE, making the kiss appear
magical. He pulls away, smiling...
EDWARD : Marry me.
She laughs. It's not the first - nor fiftieth - time he 's asked. This is clearly a game between them.
Kisses her face --
EDWARD : Marry me.
BELLA : Change me.
Kisses her neck --
Edward : Where i come, it's the way one says, "I love you".
She affectionately pushes him aways, jumping up --
BELLA : Where I come from it's the way one says, " I got knocked up".
She starts to gather up her coat and books.
He's suddenly right in front of her - we didn't see him move. He playfully grabs her stuff from her --
EDWARD : You're worried about what people will think.
BELLA : I 'm worried that two out of three marriages end in divorce.
EDWARD : The divorce rate amongst immortals is much lower.
They're inches apart, the game laced with their attraction.
EDWARD (cont'd) : Marry me.
BELLA : Not yet. (then). It's almost four. I'm supposed to come straight home from school.
He pulls her close. Kisses her.
EDWARD : You'll be on time. I won't give your father another reason to hate me.
As he easily SLINGS her around onto his back --

to be continued????
If to wish it to you I can give you the continuation. Because the
continuation between BELLA and CHARLIE if yes???? Say me!!!c

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omg send me love it!!!!!!!!!
i have post all the parts...

Christina Alice Cullen said:
please send me the continuation if you can!
plzzz ....continue it!!!!
please send me the continuation !!!!!!!!
i have already posted them all

^Anthousa Vamp Cullen^ said:
please send me the continuation !!!!!!!!




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