So if you saw the ET interview with Robert and Reese from behind the scenes of WFE, you will remember a reference to them having once been mother and long lost son, but that tragically Robert's part was cut.


That film was 2004's Vanity Fair, set in the 1800's about a young girl(Reese) who climbs the social latter in English Society. This is that cut scene featuring Robert which is availble in the DVD extras.

(sorry I don't know how to embed stuff real well, I tried it here with the 'Media' button but it didn't work).


It's not a large part and does not involve many lines but as usual he looks gorgeous and nails the emotion. I love it when he walks up by her side and takes her hand, that's so very sweet and so very Rob(and even back then he was a bit taller than her lol). I wish the scene had been kept. The reason for it's removal is unknown(to me anyway), but a close friend here, Gina Love, speculates they may have felt Rob too old looking to pass as Reese's son. Supposedly though the son was supposed to be sixteen in this scene, and it's 2004, Rob is 16/17(depending on the month since he could have already had his birthday), we both are, we're the same age and he has the same innocent, boyish face as when he played Cedric in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. So that makes no sense to me.


It's odd to me though how she pours her heart out to him insisting she's always loved him and such but in the actual film it was the father who showed the young boy more affection, Reese(Becky) would just stand there and observe and at times to see as though she didn't know he was there(she gives him up later in his life as a young boy, to live with his aunt and uncle, her husband's brother and wife).


Anyway though, the film itself was hard to follow and seemed to jump around randomly, but a good performance by Reese and this was a very good scene.

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I watched that video on YouTube awhile back and was totally blown away by Rob's performance.  His performance was excellent and he was absolutely gorgeous!  It's EXTREMELY frustrating that it was cut from the film.  At least it's on the DVD, but I think it would have made the film better had they used Rob's scene instead.


I agree, Rob's ending was a lot better than the one actually in the film. And I have no idea why it was cut but a friend here speculates they may have felt Rob too old looking in the end, which is BS. Just look at him, he's got the gorgeous rosy cheeked Cedric face! He has to be around sixteen which is the age of the son in that scene.
I would hope that is the true reason, as I can make no sense of them feeling Rob did not look the part as he is perfect as always. The ending used instead was so random and made no sense though, although then again a lot of the movie kind of confused me. I don't really follow films set in traditional times well, and this film seemed to jump around a bit so I did not understand some areas. But yeah the ending just did not make a lot of sense and was one of those random jumps. I much prefer this ending. It should have been kept.

Wait, It's a book too?

why is that not too surprising hehe.


yeah I bet they wish they had kept him in, 'Oh s***, look he's so big now, oops!" ROFL!

Rob is totally beautiful in this scene he should have been kept in he makes the film so much better it has been on the TV a few times but i want to see Rob so i did'nt watch it, but i am glad to have seen that scene <3 Love you Robert forever and always!! xxxxxxxxx




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