Music. That is Jackson Rathbone's band. Not sure if he is a singer, drummer or what. We need more info don't you think???? Anybody have details? I know he is playing at the San Fran Twilight Convention.

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That's so cool

He is just so awesome!
... god , yes , i hope 100 monkeys gets more recognition and fame . :D
You can listen to their music at

and there's a facebook fan-run appreciation group called 100monkeys fans. They have videos up there from a few different shows at the 24k lounge bar. Uhh Jackson plays Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Keyboard and does some vocal stuff.
Someone has already put up the link to the band's myspace, so I won't do it again, but you should check out their blog. They will be having two albums out this year; one improv and one they will write. The "Happy New Year! (Q&A)" blog has some news in it. Also, Jackson gets a bit creative in the blogs, with his "Haiku Do You Do/Too" blogs, etc, and is a bit nifty with the camera, so check the photos.

Sucks to be living in the UK, I oubt I'll ever see them live :(
I think he plays the guitar...i went to their myspace page and wasn't that impressed. Art is art. Can't knock em for doing what they love, just not my cup of tea, and I like lots of kinds of tea.
I found their myspace page and listened and the music was very experimental. Not my thing, but maybe they haven't got their sound down yet.
I don't know if anyone is interested, but on myspace some fans have created the 100 Monkeys Fansite and 100 Monkeys Street Team
He sings and plays guitar. There videos of him and his group on you tube. They are great. I just love to listen to them play. This is a link to my favorite song of "Ugly girl" Their sound is quite unique. I too am a member of the 100 monkeys street team. Great sight.
I met him in SF at the TwiCon. He's very sweet. The music on their myspace is strange, but their not as weird songs are really cool like Orson Brawl (my favorite) and Ugly Girl. And at concerts, a guy in a banana suit dances with buckets of sweet tarts. :) And Jackson said it's weird that a big banana tells him what to do. The banana man is really nice. XD
Orson Brawl:
I'd love to see them play!!!!
i want to, to xx
he sings,does guitar,keyboard,and harmonica.

to hear some of their music go to




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