Imagine that you could have a dream date with Emmett or Kellan! (: Where would you go? What would you do? Oh and keep it clean guys ;) x

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i would...
we would go out to the beach and have a camp fire, he will have his arms wrapped around me while roasting marshmallows and laughing away,( he would be shirtless) the moonlight would shine on us, he would turn to me and...
haha basically yeah :P
i can imagine this scene with ALL the twilight boysies!! lol!
My dream date with Kellan would be he would surprise me one day as I was getting off work for the weekend and have bags packed in a truck and he would be holding a set of keys to a cabin out in the mountains and we would drive up there stop at a little market and pick up food and drinks Then we would cook dinner together at the cabin and go out to the lake for a boat ride in the moonlight then back to the cabin where we would start a fire and sit by it for hours just talking and getting to know eachother more and now I have to stop cause it's about to get dirty!!!!! lol
We would go to the beach there would be a fire and he would have his arms around me (he is shirtless). Then we would laugh all night and have fun! After that we would make-out all night. The next day we would go to the movies and not watch the movie at all if you know what i mean. Then we would fly to our own little island,and I would have a kid and name him Kellen Jr. he would have his father's eyes and my nose,his father's mouth and my "cute dimples" as Kellen put it. It would be not just my dream date,but my dream life. Thank You for letting me tell you this if I told any of my friends they would laugh(real hard too)!!! LOL
to go on a date with kellan because he is so cute
damn do we gotta keep it clean lolz!!!!!!!!!! first we would go 2 a nice restraunt then maybe go 2 a movie!!!! typical first date really!!!!! thats all i got 2 say cuz we got 2 keep it clean!!!!




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