Was any body a fan of kristen stewart's before Twilight? to me she has always been a great actor and she is very pretty I enjoyed her in movies before Twilight






a very good movie 1 of my favs



she had a small role but it was still pretty good

her early role in the Panic Room with Jodie Foster

Never seen her as a blond but the movie was great


This Movie was awesome the end was so surprising


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I think she's excellent in every movies shes's in :)
SPEAK is obviously a heart-breaking character... Love the story, she played the character strongly!

THE CAKE EATERS, another well-played (excellent I must say) character by Kristen. I can remember the director said in one of the interview that there's someone in the film festival actually really think that Kristen is a real person with the disease... Two thumbs up!!!

PANIC ROOM, great performance!!! Did u see her when she's like shaking violently due to her disease? Awesome movie with lots of great talents :)

THE MESSENGER, she can act really good! Whether she's playing tough girl or scared girl, she can totally pull it of! The way she tremble on the floor, scared to death, trying to save her little bro. WOW...

ZATHURA, she's totally cracks me up!!! Annoyingly funny ;D

CATCH THAT KID, she's a cute little girl but such a kick-ass!! Actually a great kid movie ;)

ADVENTURELAND, I love this movie... She's so pretty in here, she looks like she's doing OK but deep down she's in such pain that she's been doing things that she didn't actually wanted to do... When she cried, after Jesse Eisenberg found out about she's cheating with Ryan Reynolds, oh.... it breaks my heart.....

The others are also great, some of them I haven't seen coz I can't find the movie. But hopefully I can watch them ;)




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