Would you dare to end your life for Eward Cullen, would you forget everything to be with him forever, would you live forever and love him as much as he loves you, well...would you?

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I would...
I would love him, because im hot for him when he's cold for me...(lol)
Good answer...
i would definitely do anythn for Edward Cullen... :)
Even better! Ok...what would u girls do if Edward lost his Bella, and he was completely depressed, and ready 2 kill himself...
A) Would u let him go. (u don't care :O)
B) Would u cry cuz u know u can't catch up, and feel guilty and cry.
C) would u run after him, yelling and thinking that he should forget her, and stay with u instead.
D) Or would u find Alice, and try 2 persway her 2 carry u after Edward so u can tell him how much u love him...even if u have 2 cry, yell, and think it.

Well that would be a very serious decision...I would have to think in my family and friends and figure out if it was what I wanted for me...so 100% sure I would leave everything for him, because I have a really difficult relationship with my parents and don't have many friends...but I also would be very sad because of me sister...I couldn't be with her anymore and I love here even when she's a b****...
Good anwser bud :D




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