I hate waiting for a good movie to come out on dvd! After seeing Twilight in the theater the first and only time, I wanted to stay and watch it again! How many times do you guys think you'll go see it?

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TOOOOO many to count lol. I missed out on Twilight and watched it right when it was about to go out of theaters so I only got to see it once. But with New Moon it will be hard to get me away from the ticket booth... from buying my monthly supply of tickets lol. Plus it helps that it is my favorite book of the saga :)
Twice with two different friend groups, then maybe with other friends, we don't know yet, might have to see it with my brother -yuk - my friend and I were trying to get UK premiere tickets but there isn't one! xx
Once unless it is at the IMAX, then twice (once at IMAX). Then probably 500 times on dvd. If try to see it more at the theater my family will probably having me watch it in a padded cell. LOL
i can only see it one time but i want to c it at least 1234 times
i will probably go broke going back to the theatre to see it over and over again. i might just have to find a bootleg copy so that i can watch at home :) until the actual DVD comes out which is gonna be sometime next year. that's too long to wait. with the clip they showed last night with Edward and Jacob fighting *squeeeeeeee* it's like getting painful already, the anxiety is gonna kill me. lol
i will se it ovr and ovr and ovr and ovr and ovr and ovr until i remember evry word said and every action being acted and it will be burned into my brain!! and then soon enough ill start seeing edward too, just like bella!!LOL ^^!!!I love new moon!! Team Edward!!
3 Times! And then when it comes out on video- EVERYDAY! :)
ive seen twilight twice in theater and like, 4 at home :) so i plan on going back to see new moon again, i think.




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