I haven't been able to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 -- mainly because it is sold out -- but I'm actually the type of person who loves spoilers. Could you "spoil" the movie for me?


I mainly want to know honeymoon details and birth scene details. I don't think I'll be able to watch it in the theaters -- but I'm counting on watching it online when it's up. Thanks.

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Hi there!! I can give you a couple of spoilers but I really think you should wait to see it because you cant take back what you already know and I dont want to spoil anything for you.. But like you I know the feeling and I never can help myself but I read a review(spoiler) before I watched it too and they said some negative comments which made me feel down about watching the movie but there are some things you need to know!!

For starters it was fantastic(No negative comments from me).. I loved it!! and Ive seen it 3 times now.. It did not sway from the book so dont listen to any negative comments.. 

The wedding

The spent alot of time on the wedding so I didnt feel rushed watching it.. I couldnt help myself but smile the whole time while bella was walking down the aisle, seeing edwards face, the music was beautiful (fairytale like) They said some vows, the camera panned around them while they were kissing and listeing to American flightless bird(song they danced to in twilight)

Honeymoon, Dont want to say too much.. I loved when bella trys to  seduces edward and he keeps her busy with hiking etc..

Bella pregnancy, kristen played the part sooo well.. they made her look so real and sick.. wow the effects were amazing and she played the motherly role very well too i thought ( I loved angry edward)

Jacob, Wow I actually loved Jacobs character this time.. I didnt like the Jelous Jacob but loved the Caring Jacob.. Some really sweet moment between bella and Jacob


Birth scene, This is one of my favourite scenes, dont know how to decribe it but it was very creative.. saw the venom in bellas body and bella in pain.. sort of horror like

Jacob imprinting, Again done really well.. very tasteful and not wierd.. you see some flashforwards(lol) and see abit of mackaenzie and an older renesme.

Transformation, Again done so well.. you see bella lying there, her body,hair changing, you hear her heart beating in the background and suddenly it stops and you see a close up of bella then boom she opens her eyes!


It was FANTASTIC...Don't wait to see it on disc. Go when things die down (like during the week)...It was - hands down - the BEST of the series.




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