So far LA, San Fran, and somewhere in Texas they have conventions. I say Phoenix needs one and can out do them all by getting Stephenie to come! It would be 10 times better than the others. How do we get this going and what would or should we do differently than the other conventions?

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Conventions are a dying breed. Many big conventions are shutting down. Comiccon, CES, SEMA and a few others thrive. The biggest issue is it is very hard to conduct commerce. You get a lot of ebay autograph people and very little actual buying. The person putting on the convention has to market and draw people in and even then you get more tire kickers then buyers.

I say do a Ball and do a bad ass ball. A good party will always bring people out and then you are less reliant upon getting mrs. Meyer out out to one and not all. The ball can have a exhibiters hall and everyone has to coem dressed. You can serve blood styled drinks and really make it a fun time. The books are about romance and as adults we do not get to take our true loves to the Ball. We are stuck with memories of trying to advance the bases with date whose faces I cant remember. I would love to take my "Bella" to a Ball@.
I wish there were more Twilight related events in Phoenix, especially since Stephenie lives here. I don't know how it works, but I would love to have a convention here.
I think that's a brilliant idea. I think we will have a better idea of what would be better after we go to the one in San Fran. Ive never been to a convention before so nothing comes to mind just yet. Only just that Taylor Lautner and other big stars had better show up!
is anyone going to the one in pheonix in august on the weekend of the 14th????




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