Rising In Forks

Part 2 - Intrigue


Ok, so after the initial shock of this news and given all the things I had experienced in the last 21 years I would have thought that I was “good with weird” as I was once told. It could just be the news that
something strange was happening to one of my friends gave me a feeling of déjà

I would have been 38 now if I was still my human self and so would Angela, so what could keep her from ageing all this time, at least I knew my excuse but I couldn’t just show up and expect her not to ask a million
questions. I kind of figured that she wouldn’t have a leg to stand on being
that she looked the same as me and was probably dreading being questioned by
anyone herself.

I had to meet her or at least get close enough to see what she was doing that day, the last thing I remember was her kinda of praying, eyes closed, arms down and hands palm up, that looked religious enough for me.

I decided to take Edward this time on go under to cover of darkness, at least he could hear her thoughts if she woke up.

We dressed in dark clothes to merge with the shadows and donned beanie hats, Edward told me I looked cute when I was trying to be stealthy. No car this time we ran instead, it was such a rush we hadn’t done
this in a long time. The door was locked but Edward was in within seconds and
no damage to the door either, her surveyed the house quickly in his thoughts
and told me that Angela was asleep upstairs. Most of the house was sparse as if
no one had been there for a while, I mean no personal touches like photos or
ornaments just furniture and the smell of dust.. lots of it. We entered the
lounge Edward pointed out the direction she was facing when he found me.
Straight at the fireplace which had a brick façade with a couple of small
alcoves for small ornaments, instead of the usual clock or picture a tablet of
some kind took centre stage. It was propped onto the fireplace looking too
heavy to hang from the wall. Edward got out his cell and took a picture of it.
Damn technology I could never get to grips with, that’s something that will
never change. He had already emailed it to Carlisle
before I asked him what he thought it was. He outstretched his hand to the
tablet and said “it seems to be giving off some kind of energy, I can feel
something; Bella think of anything and don’t try to block me”

I indulged him for a moment “are you sure your shield was lowered honey!” he exclaimed “yes, definitely I really concentrated” and I had. “Curious, it seems that I cannot use my power around this tablet”. The energy
was blocking us both, my shield would not expand enough and he could not read
anything. More to the point, why would Angela have something like this in her
lounge and be praying or even worshipping it?

We left and ran fast back to our cottage; Edward was fast onto a video call with Carlisle, who was then here in person with Emse within minutes. Carlisle
had been researching from the moment he got the email earlier. He couldn’t find
anything specific but said that the text on the tablet appeared to be Theban an
ancient Witches language. The tablet was wooden which also fit well as pagan
witches were at one with nature and the elements and wood was often used to
create their tools, wands etc.

“OK so you’re telling me Angela is a WITCH!” I blurted out, how ironic was that I thought, this took me back to my arguments with Edward over letting me see my best friend Jacob. I reminded myself there and then what
I tried to convey so many years ago…. It doesn’t matter what anyone is, they
are still my friends and I will stand by them. But this time was different, I
AM a vampire now and how would she react to this? Did she already know? How
powerful was she exactly? “Well she knocked you flat on your pretty little arse
my love” Edward bellowed laughing. I turned to Esme “see why I don’t let him in
very often!” I don’t like responses to my thoughts, that is why they are
thoughts, ramblings as such. Edward darted over and kissed me gently, I’m sorry
love but you are funny sometimes in your mind it’s simply fascinating to listen
to you. “Ok so she is pretty powerful or at least that tablet thingy is” I gave
in his smile was dazzling and I loved him too much to argue.

Carlisle spoke up “ere hem! We still have business to discuss you two, unless you want us to come back in the morning” as temping as it seemed we knew we had to knuckle down and find
out more.

I was still in denial about this whole situation Esme, Carlisle and Edward all had their heads bowed over books whilst mine was firmly set gazing out of the window. The books didn’t turn up much more than we already knew pagan witchcraft had been around for decades and
they were usually healers of a peaceful nature so I really had no reason to
fear Angela I had to face her head on, but on neutral ground so that neither of
us should feel threatened… that sounded stupid in the mind of a vampire, but I
was not a mindless killing machine and I knew in my non-beating heart that I
would never hurt a human being. I was able to control myself better than all
the Cullen’s at which Rosalie and Emmett were pissed. They all thought I would
falter at least once but from the moment I avoided the hikers in the woods on
my first hunt I never had the urge to go after a human and I could even stomach
the smell of fresh blood better than Edward when he had more than 100 years
experience on me. It’s possibly to do with having a half human half vampire
daughter. I kinda have my priorities in the right place.

I carefully began to write a note


…..Dear Angela

I hope you get this, I don’t know whether you are still living here, I’m in town sorting out my fathers house and wondered if you have time for a cuppa and a catch up, I’m sure we have much to talk about and I
really want to see you, Bella.


I left my cell at the bottom and hoped she would take the bait after sneaking back out and sliding it under her door. Edward had of course figured out my actions by now and he embraced me on my return “you’re my
brave little angel, I knew you would do something to risk your life…. Again”

“I have to know Edward; she was my friend who I could tell nearly everything to”

“I know Bella and I’m actually happy that you are going to face it head on”. Just then the phone rang it was about 9am “Angela, Hi; yeah it’s me Bella; ok that’s great how about 2pm Carver café; I’ll see you there”

It was set; I was shocked that she actually called me, as she would know that she still looked young and how would she try to cover it up? Oh well 2pm it is then.

Edward and Carlisle spent the next few hours trying to prepare me with ready-made answers to combat her likely questions about the age, the eye colour and skin colour, family history
over the last few years etc most of the answers were due to some blood disorder
I got shortly after the marriage to Edward. It mostly would have gone in one
ear and out the other if it wasn’t for the vampire super human senses which meant
I remembered everything! I just wanted to talk to my friend and be honest; it
was obvious now she had nearly as much to hide as I did.

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