i reacon they should hook up i mean look at all the chemistry going on between them!!! but of course its there decision i would'nt want someone telling me who to be with!!!!

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I Know many fans would like to see Robert and Kristen as an off screen couple I do know that the have had some chemistry form from playing Edward and Bella in the twilight saga. I know it is there choice but She has been swaying between her boyfriend michael and Robert. It isn't fair on Robert to be waiting for her to come to a decision he has is life to live and his career is taking off too. Well we just see what will happen. But i think Kristen has to much to deal with before she enters a relationship.
Greetings! Thanks for an estimation of photos! In occasion of a choice, it is possible to tell, that all of us it was sometimes before a choice. Kristen also did not know, that at it so all with Robert will turn out. And to reflect it is necessary. 4 years to be with the guy is a solid term. It would not be pleasant to Robert, if it so has easily changed their places. Rob and in interview spoke, that it and is pleasant to him in Kristen. Above feelings of authority is not present. We in one song have words: the Love will unintentionally appear suddenly, when for it at all do not wait........




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