Be truthful..... are you only into twilight for Robert Pattinson or a true twilght fan?

I am a 100% twilight fan my mom is in it for Rob

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100% twilight b/c the books are amazing with alice and jasper and emmett and all of them it's not just rob but he is amazing
I'm a Twilight fan through and through, but I must admit that Robert's characterization of Edward Cullen in the movie improved my image of Edward - honesty Adonis has nothing on Rob. The movie also helped me put faces to the other characters, so it was a lot more fun when I read the books the second time around.
I watched the movie before I read the books, but now I'm totally addicted to the series. But I can't see any actor portraying Edward as good as Robert does!
im into twilight for both.. robs so ht!. but the book its self is good enough.
J said:
I became a Twilight fan because of Robert Pattinson! He drew me to the series - now I am a true twihard :)
i agree with J
im the same, knew Twilight before i really knew Rob, now I find myself watching Twi BECAUSE of Rob.
I am a true Twilight Fan! Rob just happens to be in it <3 Jk I LOVE him! :)
I am 100% a twilight fan but having Rob in the role of Edward has made it 100 times better. :)
Love the story line (well most of it about from Jacob)
I'll have to admit that i only watched because of the books and i did not like Rob as the choice for Edward lol but he has completely grown on me and now i can;t picture anyone else as Edward lol. When i read the books i still picture my Edward differently but he is definately more Rob like but he is bigger than Rob and has actual muscles lol not freaky ones like shark boy but just the perfect ones like a statue
I love the story and Robert :)
Totally twilight saga the books before I even saw Robbie in Twilight, but gotta admit, I'm totally hooked on him! He's 100% perfect as Edward!




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