i prefer his English accent personally...it is soooo cuteeee :D

it's a bit strange to hear his american accent because i'm so used to his british accent

but i love him either way :D


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Man either way he is HOT! I prefer his English accent cuz its quite posh and yummy but his american accent reminds me of edward sooooo im torn! XD
Oh god, his natural accent. *swoon* And his laugh *shudders*
I would have to say that I LOVE his British accent.......then again I am a sucker when it comes to accents! I do like his American accent in the movie.....I think it makes him really HOT!

In the movie I was always trying to listen to see if he would mess up and use his British accent and when I listen to his interviews I am always trying to listen to see if he will use his American accent.
He defiantly slips when they are in the hospital and Rob, Nikki and Peter are talking. He says something like "what was I supposed do, let her die." You can totally hear it. It is kinda cute though.
Either way works, for all though I find guys with foreign accents to be very hott! lol Although he is hott either way he talks! ^ ^
i love his english one . :D

except , i have an australian accent and it`s like ... similar .
yay ! ;)
I preferred his accent/voice in the movie. I do like English accents though (my fiance is from England!) but his English accent is a little posh for me.
I really prefer his English accent. It is so sexy and it is more suited to him than an American accent. He does a good job with the American accent that you would never know he was English.

I like it when he says something and ends with an "As well."
And also, he likes to say "Bizarre" It's just so... bizarre !
I would go with the American. It was very neat.
Personally, I love the way British talk,
so I would say I prefer his British accent
it's so hot...!! yum...!!!
Hah, his british accent is way cooler :D It makes him even more sexy ^^ I'd love to listen to his voice all the time mhmmmm :)




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