i prefer his English accent personally...it is soooo cuteeee :D

it's a bit strange to hear his american accent because i'm so used to his british accent

but i love him either way :D


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i like his english accent best. x
Mee too... btw i love your name... it's the same as mine :P :D

Either way. His voice is still amazing whether it's his english or british accent.
ooooh. i deff love his brit accent... its so cute.
but his american accent is like sexier .. haha.

i love robbbb ;]
english accents always make me melt that and aussie soo hands down for me English
i think that both of them are sexii but his british accent is a little sexii
I love his natural accent it gives him that unique sex appeal however the American accent he uses in Twilight is quite sexy as well because its unlike true American accents. I think the American accent gives him a certain mysterious appeal but his natural accent is the one that makes me crazy!! <3 ORPD
I love his Engish accent better. It just fits him.
I love both.but his English accent is sooo HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Natasha said:
I think his english accent is really cute but I also like his american accent
so personally I find it hard to choose
I dont care he can talk to me with any voice and I'll still melt!!!! or he doesnt have to talk if he doesnt want to.... but I love both...
i luv him either way but i love his british accent better because it suits him more and im british too




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