i prefer his English accent personally...it is soooo cuteeee :D

it's a bit strange to hear his american accent because i'm so used to his british accent

but i love him either way :D


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English.. all the way! His sexiness gets to out of control status when he starts talking with his accent!!!!
I prefer his English ascent it's so sexy!!!!
i love English ascents some of my really good friends are English and every time i talk 2 them i still tell them i love there accent...lol!!!!!!!!!!
seriously..................... Who cares!!!!!!!!! he just prefer ROBERT in all his forms, accents and wierdness xD I totally luv hem!!!!!! lol
BRITISH!!!! =)=)
that's hot =)
His british accent is so so so so much better!!!!! Although his american accent is cool its british all the way for me :D but maybe thats just be cause im british!!!! :/ oh well xxx
I have to say that I LOVE any sound that he makes :)
But to answer your question, if I HAD to pick one accent - it would be his regular speaking accent. The one he uses in interviews :) He has said that he has never used his own "real" accent in any movie he has made. But whether he is speaking, singing, laughing, sighing, or making any sound effect really... he always makes me smile - or melt - whichever the case may be :)
For me i like both accents he sound great in his british accent and i Love it,and also he sound good in his american accent,for me i like both because i have my puertorrican accent and if yoy know a puetorrican you know how we talk. Im trying to speak and write well my american accent.Still i love Robert in american or british!!!
Of course his English natural accent!! SO CUTE\HOT\PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the british accent <3
it comes more natural to him.
I love his english accent....i love english accents in general, but it just makes him even hotter.....if thats possible!!
English!!!!!!!! omg love english ppl even daniel radcliffe hugh grant!!!! ROB1!!!!!
I luv both ofthem!!!!




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